The Liberals Have Made Their Choice

It’s no surprise, but liberals have decided who they will support in the Tennessee Governor’s race: Randy Boyd

A new poll released by Data Orbital shows Diane Black in the lead, particularly with those who identify themselves as Very Conservative or Somewhat Conservative. Those who identify themselves as Somewhat Liberal or Very Liberal, however, can’t get enough of RINO Randy Boyd.
And here’s why it’s no surprise:

Randy Boyd disavowed Trump, even after he had secured enough delegates to win the Republican nomination.

  • Randy Boyd said “freedom should carry forward to social issues.”
  • Randy Boyd supported a massive property tax increase in Knox County.
  • Randy Boyd donated $250,000 to a group that supports sanctuary cities and lobbied Governor Haslam to veto the anti-sanctuary cities legislation.
  • And Randy Boyd worked with Obama to give free college tuition to illegal immigrants.

If Randy Boyd was actually running on his record, instead of playing conservative chameleon, he would be the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. Tennessee liberals know the truth. They know he’s their guy.