Diane Black Will Propose Right To Farm Constitutional Amendment

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Diane Black today announced she will propose a Right to Farm constitutional amendment if elected Governor. Right to Farm constitutional amendments have passed in North Dakota and Missouri in recent years as radical animal rights groups seek to wreak havoc on agricultural industries.

“Agriculture and the outdoors are a crucial part of Tennessee’s identity,” said Black. “Liberal groups attempting to restrict modern farming practices and interfere with the rights of hunters have succeeded in several states. With a constitutional amendment, that won’t happen in Tennessee. I’m committed to working with stakeholders in agriculture and hunting to secure their rights permanently.”

Nationally, extreme animal rights groups have targeted states like California to interfere with farming operations. In Michigan, special interest groups were able to outlaw dove hunting. Farmers, ranchers, sportsmen, outdoor enthusiasts and animal owners are growing more concerned with the activities of special interest groups threatening our heritage, traditions and way of life.