Randy Boyd: Running From His Record

Today, Randy Boyd completes his “B-Roll Run” across Tennessee. But he’ll have to keep running if he wants to get away from his moderate record of opposing Donald Trump, supporting illegal immigration, supporting common core and supporting Democrats.

  • Randy Boyd said supporting Donald Trump would be “anathema” to him.
  • Randy Boyd made the largest donation in history ($250,000) to Conexion Americas, a group associated with La Raza, whose co-founder helped organize the anti-Trump #INDIVISIBLE campaign.
  • Randy Boyd is a “staunch supporter” of common core.
  • Randy Boyd donated $3,800 to a Democratic candidate for the state Supreme Court.
  • Randy Boyd was appointed by Barack Obama to an education board that worked to provide free community college to illegal immigrants.

If you’re covering the completion of Randy Boyd’s “B-Roll Run,” please use the following quote from Diane Black for Governor spokesman Chris Hartline:

“With a conservative record almost as short as his shorts, it’s no surprise Randy Boyd is trying to run from his record. With his biggest supporter, Jeb!, coming to town, Randy! is trying to hide his moderate record of opposing Trump, supporting illegal immigration, supporting Common Core and supporting Democrats. He’ll have to run further West than Memphis to hide the truth from Tennesseans.”