Conservative Activist Lee Douglas Endorses Diane Black for Governor

Nashville, Tenn. – Over the weekend, Lee Douglas, the founder of 912 Project Tennessee, endorsed Diane Black for Governor. In an email sent to his members, Douglas laid out in detail the reasons to support Diane Black over her opponents.

“I’m proud to have the support of Lee, as well as numerous conservative leaders and activists from across the state,” said Diane Black. “As I’ve gotten to know Lee over the last few months, I’ve learned about his strong commitment to protecting our conservative values and promoting a prosperous future for our state. We agree on these goals, and I’m proud to have him on my team.” 

Begun in March 2010, the 912 Project Tennessee started with 135 patriots and has now grown across Tennessee to a group of over 2,000. The Project is devoted to preserving our early American culture of equal justice for all, self-sufficient two parent families, where local government is the prevalent government, and parents know what is best for their children to the restoration of eternal moral values.

You can read his full email below.

Currently there are four candidates after my favored Mae Beavers withdrew.  Ranking the least desirable begins with Randy Boyd, a man who claims to not favor giving in-state tuition rates for college to illegal immigrants but who donated  a quarter million dollars to Conexion Americas–an Hispanic affiliate of Hispanic racist promoter, La Raza (“the Race”), dedicated to amnesty.   Self-described moderate, Mr. Boyd is devoted to Common Core and is associated with that ever-failing TNInvestco which was another of the usual private-public partnerships costing tax-payers millions.  Randy Boyd is a hard worker who will always be a progressive opponent to our 912 Values and Principles.  
Beth Harwell is an entity most conservatives have watched for years.  A successful politician who can be likeable or aloof, we’ve all watched Speaker Harwell appoint reliably predictable milquetoast representatives who can seldom be counted on to represent the undeniable will of the voters.  Like what?  Like Constitutional carry, or the Bathroom Bill.  There has been at least one vote on the floor when Speaker Harwell was present but left, failed to cast a vote and returned only after the In-State Tuition bill for illegal alien students failed to pass by a single vote.  With questionable opposition to in-state tuition for illegals, its authors again brought the bill for vote this year.  Conversely, she has stepped into committees, a move permitted by the House rules, to cast a vote and usher bills to successful passage.  As they say, “Timing is everything” and certainly as I see it, she lacks the strength of leadership and character to take a moral position as our governor. 
Let’s be honest, Speaker Harwell is everything Donald Trump is not.  She’s refined, polished, knows the difference between imply and infer and certainly wouldn’t  know anyone in the adult film business.  Harwell works hard to keep everyone soothed and calm whereas Trump cares as much for polls as favorable NYT  headlines. Trump is openly aggressive, Harwell is  passive aggressive.  She has a pattern of sidelining some of our best legislators; for example she was twice challenged for speakership, first by Matheny, arguably one of the top three capable conservatives, second by Jimmy Matlock who had been a Committee Chairman since the GOP took over the House.  In the case of Matheny and Matlock,  both were removed by Harwell from their respective chairs.  Another conservative, Matthew Hill, dared vote against Harwell on the wine-in-grocery-stores and voila, he no longer is Committee Chair.  Being a FOB (friend of Bill Haslam) or Establishment nearly assures permanency as a Chair.  If her power is handled with this style, what could be expected with Gubernatorial power?
Going to Belmont Church beginning 1984 I’ve been more acquainted than friends with Bill Lee.  He is esteemed by many mutual friends for his honesty and business acumen.  Everyone describes him as a genuinely disciplined, spiritual man.  In his (and my) county’s  School Board there’s been an endless struggle between our 9/12 friends and those supported by SEIU and George Soros–Williamson Strong.  A clash of values is the only way to describe the conflict.  Our areas of difference are many.  We oppose Common Core, object to inaccurate and indoctrinating text books, favor religious liberty to allow prayer before official school board meetings and oppose censoring words such as Christmas, Easter and Good Friday from the official calendar, wanting to preserve the language that helped give rise to our Judeo-Christian customs and culture.  Nationally and locally in education there is an effort to stigmatize and replace American culture, gender norms, traditional marriage with counterfeit, alternative life styles not founded on eternal principles.  Bill Lee cannot disagree with any 9/12 Values or Principles.  
Upon learning that Bill Lee had given $5,000 to a PAC who gave 100% of their funds to Williamson Strong candidates I immediately reached out to Bill who couldn’t meet, he said in Email.  I was rebuffed recently a 2nd time.

Bill is a good man but why doesn’t he know that 100% of his money went to people who oppose his values?  Bill’s Chamber of Commerce PAC money helped  elect all six candidates who oppose 9/12 and Bill’s Judeo-Christian values…in his county.  
I wonder if Bill knows that his membership in the Chamber of Commerce is participating with a group whose agenda advocates for open borders, amnesty for illegals, spending tons of money to elect Thad Cochran, to defeat Ted Cruz, to help Mitch McConnell defeat Matt Bevin and that it strongly supports Common Core.  I don’t believe that Bill would be a supporter of the Chamber if he understood their agenda or that of Williamson Strong.  But why doesn’t he? Why is Bill Lee just now showing up?
I think that the criticisms of Bill Lee’s position on the Bathroom Bill or Gay Marriage doesn’t truly represent his values and morals.  Bill’s position on Bathroom Bill is that such issues should be handled on a ‘local basis’,  he believes the SCOTUS marriage ruling is “settled law” and a governor has “little to no influence in such matters”.  SCOTUS once declared slavery to be settled law but not all men were willing to surrender their principles so quickly or easily.  With the other states, Tennessee has seen a tyrannical federal government usurp our state rights in violation of the 10th.  If Bill hasn’t minded these matters as a private citizen, will he then as governor?  The nature of a leader is that he leads, is it not?  We have been losing the cultural war and I favor a governor who sees it, with passion doesn’t like it and who will use his position to give honest information on behalf of our faith, our morality, and original founding.  Yes, it should be established that we’re not going to pretend with the deceived that a boy can imagine himself into a girl and receive respective privileges.
Governor Haslam was willing to accept an expansion of Medicaid.  Governor Haslam was unwilling to engage the Thomas More Law Center to do battle for Tennessee over refugee resettlement.  Is Bill Lee as governor going to lead and fight for our state and for the morals every man knows are eternal?  Is there a willingness or an unwillingness to defend the rights of the citizens that have been eroded especially by the federal government but also at the hands of state government?  I’ve never heard of Bill Lee being concerned about Tennessee being forced to pick up the tab for refugee resettlement.  Have you?
This is my stumbling block with my friend Bill Lee.  While a war for our culture has been going on and is seen on multiple fronts, in our state legislature, in votes for the school board, in showing preference by the state for illegal aliens, in the offices of our county clerks, and in the state hearings over public schools’ text books, with political correctness, has Bill Lee been among the citizens taking the blows?  Does Bill know there is a war that is diluting the culture that his family enjoyed for 200 years? It concerns me that Bill would donate to candidate Megan Barry and I’m troubled that Bill would describe the Haslam gas tax as “water under the bridge”.  If I can’t depend on Bill to know of the war, how can I think that he’ll be in the fight beside me if not ahead of me?  We had a good Christian man as President, George W. Bush who seemed to be totally unaware of the battle.  I don’t want to lose any more ground and I feel that we don’t have Reagan as a candidate among us and won’t see another of his fabric in my life time.  
In my quest to vet the candidates, I uncovered a stone that held a very pleasant surprise.  With most of you, I felt the same disappointment that in Congress both Marsha Blackburn and Diane Black would continually vote to increase the debt ceiling and that hasn’t changed.  An election is going to be held soon for our governor and I needed to be an informed voter.  Recently I’ve been able to spend a couple of hours with one or both of the Blacks.  My cynicism these days tells me “everyone’s a conservative” and Diane Black will be one more RINO conservative, or so I said.
I knew in 2000 when Sundquist was pushing for a state income tax that principally there were four leaders demanding against such an action during the “Honking Assault on our Tennessee Capitol” and they were Marsha, Phil Valentine, Ben Cunningham and Diane Black.  As you are, I too am looking for leadership who pays more than lip service to our founding principles and that one spark that birthed the American freedom experiment, nature’s God. Diane Black and her husband, David, are at war, but not with each other.  They’re engaged in a war to recover our American culture.  In Congress,  upon learning that the politically correct Library of Congress was changing its official vocabulary from “illegal alien” to “undocumented worker”,  Diane sponsored a bill, taking on the American Library Association,  compelling the Library to conform to accurate, original language, hardening it against PC talk.  She gets it, words matter, words  indoctrinate.
In my interview, when asked about the trend towards creeping civilizational Jihad, Diane didn’t hesitate to declare the supremacy of the U.S.  Constitution over all other law, including the Koran.  Unlike Randy Boyd, nothing needs to be said about Diane having ever been anything but Pro-Life.  Mr. Boyd has to say it several times because he knows somewhere down in your craw all of his words don’t intuitively feel right.  Not so with Diane who sponsored a bill to defund Planned Parenthood.  
In 2012, Diane informed her husband that the charity, March of Dimes,  he had just given to will forward on part of his money to Planned Parenthood.  Realizing others would be equally uninformed, they formed and also fund a new entity, 2nd Vote, to discover which organizations exist with mission statements that run counter to their Judeo-Christian values.  Since modern tea parties began we’ve learned that electing more Republicans is not enough, we must get representation through people who understand the barrage upon us to preserve and defend everything that is good.  Below is a list of issues that have become publicly recognized for 2nd Vote’s action.  When you read 2nd Vote, think David and Diane Black.  They follow the money and study Saul Alinsky’s work to understand the strategies of those who want to undermine and weaken the America structure.
2nd Vote has had great success pushing back against liberal corporate activism.  After 2nd Vote compiled and publicized Planned Parenthood’s list of corporate sponsors, five Fortune 500 companies (AT&T, Coca-Cola, Ford, Macy’s, and Xerox) have cut financial ties with Planned Parenthood.  They also convinced Lands’ End to discontinue a fundraising initiative for Gloria Steinem’s ERA Coalition and pulled a featured interview from the company’s online catalog.
Other 2nd Vote success stories:

  • Chili’s restaurants in KY and IN cancelled a month long fundraising program for Planned Parenthood.
  • 2ndVote exposed corporate support for the Houston HERO ordinance, a so-called “bathroom bill,” and joined the “I Stand Sunday” coalition organized in support of pastors whose sermons were subpoenaed by Houston’s mayor.  The HERO ordinance was thereafter repealed by a wide margin. 
  • 2nd Vote supported the NRA by documenting the hypocrisy of corporations discontinuing the NRA discount program but showing their support for the radical liberal agenda.

After NFL players refused to stand for the flag and the anthem, 2nd Vote ran a very successful commercial leading up to the Super Bowl.  2ndVote also exposed donations by the NFL Players Association to organizations tied to George Soros and connected the NFL’s $90 million “settlement” with protesting players to left-wing activist groups
As Founder and President of 912 Project Tennessee, I can say that I personally will cast my ballot for Diane Black.  I’m convinced that she’s more than a politician.  The private life that she and her husband live demonstrates a clear devotion to the principles and values important to the 912 Project.