Governor hopeful U.S. Rep. Diane Black speaks in Hub City

JACKSON, Tenn. — A packed crowd of supporters came together Monday in west Jackson to show their support for U.S. Rep. Diane Black, who is running for governor of Tennessee.

“I love the state of Tennessee,” Black said. “It is a great state and there are a number of things we do really well, but I just think we can do to make us the top 10 in the nation.”

Black, a Republican, is currently chairman of the House Budget Committee but recently announced in August her intention to run for governor.

Karl Kirkland, who hosted the event at his home, said he saw her speak at a Rotary presentation and was instantly hooked.

“It was the best I’ve heard in years, and it was the conservative speech that I want to hear and she stood for all the things I’ve believed in,” Kirkland said.

Black shared her story of how she got into politics after becoming a registered nurse and also touched on national issues, such as tax reform, budget cuts, abortion and depreciation.

“I think these are things that are on people’s minds, and I love hearing not only their questions but their thoughts on those issues as well,” Black said.

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