Diane Black announces nearly 3000 activists, elected officials and community leaders on County Leadership Teams

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Today, Diane Black announced nearly 3,000 activists, elected officials and community leaders will serve on her County Leadership Teams. These leaders will use their diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise to support the Diane Black campaign in their communities.

“I am excited and humbled to announce my County Leadership Teams have reached nearly 3,000 members,” Black said. “I have had a lot of wonderful endorsements in recent weeks, but these are the ones that mean the most to me. To have the support of nearly 3,000 activists, elected officials and community leaders from all over our state is an honor. I am confident their support will help us win this election.”

See the additional members below.

Jonathan K Alderson, Anderson County
Robert J Arowood, Anderson County
William Arowood, Anderson County
Earl H Barton, Anderson County
Alan Beauchamp, Anderson County
Sabra Beauchamp, Anderson County
Kendall L Brady, Anderson County
Laura Capozzola, Anderson County
Oak Ridge Vice Mayor Rick Chinn, Anderson County
County Clerk Jeff Cole, Anderson County
Gale L Cook, Anderson County
Barrington Cox, Anderson County
Rick Daley, Anderson County
Frank Damiano, Anderson County
Maureen Fricke, Anderson County
Roberta Hamlington, Anderson County
Bradley Hodge, Anderson County
Christopher Ingham, Anderson County
Katherine Job, Anderson County
James E Jones, Jr., Anderson County
Glenda Langenberg, Anderson County
Don A Layton, Anderson County
County Road Supervisor Gary Long, Anderson County
Former County Mayor Rex Lynch, Anderson County
Angeleque McNutt, Anderson County
Kathleen Moore, Anderson County
Theron Ragsdale, Anderson County
Register of Deeds Tim Shelton, Anderson County
Patrick M Smith, Anderson County
James E Somers, Anderson County
Beth E Stalnaker, Anderson County
Louise E Steffen, Anderson County
Dan Tackleson, Anderson County
Pat Tackleson, Anderson County
Philip Vance, Anderson County
Leon Warrix, Anderson County
Aaron A Wells, Anderson County
Loong Yong, Anderson County
Deborah Bayer, Bedford County
K Brent Canady, Bedford County
David Coffey, Bedford County
Tanya Coffey, Bedford County
Ben Craig, Bedford County
Raford M Hulan, Bedford County
Michael R Inman, Bedford County
Stephen F Jeroutek, Bedford County
Lucille Lamb, Bedford County
Bobby Lindsey, Bedford County
Carolyn Lokey, Bedford County
Charles Saunders, Bedford County
Gene Shaffer, Bedford County
John Smith, Bedford County
Virginia Stewart, Bedford County
Deborah Wilson, Bedford County
Billy Beasley, Benton County
Michael Fox, Benton County
Linda Grauel, Benton County
Richard Hanna, Benton County
Steven Hedlesky, Benton County
Robert I Bourne, Jr., Benton County
County Commissioner Bill Kee, Benton County
Richard Smith, Benton County
Robert Wessels, Benton County
Raymond Gagne, Bledsoe County
Sheriff Jimmy Morris, Bledsoe County
Julie Richerson, Bledsoe County
Betty Sweatt, Bledsoe County
Alvin Wilson, Bledsoe County
Aaron Yeargan, Bledsoe County
C. Steven Bobo, Blount County
Charles Brown, Blount County
Earle Bumpous, Blount County
Kathy Burch, Blount County
Margie Carico, Blount County
Phyllis Cascio, Blount County
Sharon K Childres, Blount County
Terri Crabtree, Blount County
Andy Daugherty, Blount County
Hilde Dotson, Blount County
James Dotson, Blount County
Janie Fields, Blount County
James Folts, Blount County
Dawn Marie French, Blount County
Bonnie Gaba, Blount County
Donna Halasy, Blount County
Mary S. Hamilton, Blount County
William Harmon, Blount County
John B Horton, Blount County
Jane Hudak, Blount County
John E Leech III, Blount County
Arvid Jakobsen, Blount County
Kenneth Kant, Blount County
Buddy Kemper, Blount County
Glen A Lintner, Blount County
TNGOP State Executive Committeewoman Susan Mills, Blount County
Patricia Morris, Blount County
Otis Ruis, Blount County
Michael Smith, Blount County
John J Stein, Blount County
Marion Stokes, Blount County
Lewis Sutton, Blount County
Gay Taylor, Blount County
Alfred Tullock, Blount County
Paul Raymond Ward, Blount County
Norma Watson, Blount County
Steve West, Blount County
Linda A Wolfenbarger, Blount County
Anna Yoakum, Blount County
Richard L Baker, Bradley County
Jessie Beaty, Bradley County
Arlene Berger, Bradley County
County Commissioner, Milan Blake, Bradley County
John Bratcher, Bradley County
Ronald S Brooks, Bradley County
Teresa Carpenter, Bradley County
Blayne Carroll, Bradley County
Mona Caylor, Bradley County
District Attorney General Steve Crump, Bradley County
Helen Dixon, Bradley County
Carrie Doyle, Bradley County
Catherine Hixson, Bradley County
Don Hughes, Bradley County
Shawn Kelly, Bradley County
Robert Kite, Bradley County
Lana Lawrence, Bradley County
Robert F Lisenba, Bradley County
Sandra K Mathis, Bradley County
Joe Moore, Bradley County
Courtney Pendergrass, Bradley County
Vicki Swigger, Bradley County
Ruby Thompson, Bradley County
Tim Wattenbarger, Bradley County
Lloyd B. Webb, Bradley County
Chattanooga Tea Party President Mark West, Bradley County
Loel Crawford, Campbell County
Martin Hoskins, Campbell County
James Koons, Campbell County
Former County GOP Chairman Josh Parker, Campbell County
Jerry Partin, Campbell County
Earnest Daniel Ridenour, Campbell County
Robert Schneider, Campbell County
Bill Seiber, Campbell County
Tony Simpson, Campbell County
Noah Smith, Campbell County
County GOP Vice-Chairman Zach Walden, Campbell County
Anthony Adams, Cannon County
Gloria J. Insley, Cannon County
Nathan Jennings, Cannon County
Harold P Little, Cannon County
Pennie Jennings Long, Cannon County
Lou Nave, Cannon County
Joanne M Ramko, Cannon County
Franz Walkup, Cannon County
Tammy Wilgus, Cannon County
Tyler Williams, Cannon County
Sheriff Darrell Young, Cannon County
Barbara Bennett, Carroll County
Doris J Black, Carroll County
Sheriff Andy Dickson, Carroll County
Allen Espy, Carroll County
Jimmy Fowler, Carroll County
James Humphreys, Carroll County
Reggie Lawrence, Carroll County
Mary Jane Moede, Carroll County
Cecil A Pendergrass, Carroll County
Steve Yates, Carroll County
Mary Ann Artrip, Carter County
Emery G Cordell, Carter County
Gary Dykes, Carter County
Sandra Laroche Ford, Carter County
Ralph O. Haynes, Carter County
Alice Hinkle, Carter County
Kenneth Long, Carter County
Shirley Lowrey, Carter County
County Commissioner Cody McQueen, Carter County
Rebecca Murray, Carter County
Thelma Nutter, Carter County
Pat Shannon, Carter County
William Spayd, Carter County
David Stewart, Carter County
Kathy Tribble, Carter County
Sheriff Mike Breedlove, Cheatham County
Pleasant View Mayor Perry Keenan, Cheatham County
James Laberge, Cheatham County
Alan D Oakley, Cheatham County
Vern Parizek, Cheatham County
Darryl S Peden, Cheatham County
Juanita L Powell, Cheatham County
Eual Robbins, Cheatham County
Evelyn Rodgers, Cheatham County
Sam Rutherford, Cheatham County
Lance Beshires, Chester County
Austin England, Chester County
Franklin Ivy, Chester County
Joseph Venable, Chester County
Roy Weaver, Chester County
Jack Collier, Claiborne County
Justin Cosby, Claiborne County
Christopher Fuson, Claiborne County
Donald O Hodges, Claiborne County
Thomas McAfee, Claiborne County
Leslie Roden, Claiborne County
James E Tritt, Claiborne County
Shirley Wilder, Claiborne County
Kathryn Windle, Claiborne County
Paula Boone, Clay County
Sheriff Brandon Boone, Clay County
June Collins, Clay County
Luke Collins, Clay County
Former County GOP Chairman Dwayne Craighead, Clay County
Francis Craighead, Clay County
Larry Head, Clay County
Gary Hestand, Clay County
Astrid Jolin, Clay County
Ken Lambert, Clay County
James Lutz, Clay County
Former Chamber Director Ray Norris, Clay County
Jerry N. Rich, Clay County
Vonda Weir, Clay County
Terry Brockwell, Cocke County
Don David Conklin, Cocke County
Former President of Tennessee Federation of Republican Women Claire Crouch, Cocke County
Sal DeGiorgio, Cocke County
Dorothea Ruth Van Gelder, Cocke County
Donald Hamilton, Cocke County
Mark Robinson, Cocke County
Kaye Talman, Cocke County
Daniel N Thompson, Cocke County
Randall Brooksbank, Coffee County
Jo Ann T Brown, Coffee County
Fran Caswell, Coffee County
Patsy J Clayton, Coffee County
Robert Craig Collier, Coffee County
Steve Cope, Coffee County
Rose Dodge, Coffee County
Susan Harris, Coffee County
Anne Harrison, Coffee County
Janet F Hartmann, Coffee County
James Henry, Coffee County
Mary Jackie Holt, Coffee County
Niels Peter Allerup II, Coffee County
Former County GOP Vice-Chairman Jean Kelley, Coffee County
Bob Mahrenholz, Coffee County
Luke McMillan, Coffee County
Jamie McNabb, Coffee County
Stan McNabb, Coffee County
John Miller, Coffee County
Former County GOP Chairman Claude Morse, Coffee County
Mike Niederhauser, Coffee County
Carolyn Norfleet, Coffee County
John Roberts, Coffee County
Kim Roberts, Coffee County
Ross Roepke, Coffee County
Wayne G Russell, Coffee County
Elizabeth Stepien, Coffee County
Freddie Stoner, Coffee County
Wilma Taylor, Coffee County
Register of Deeds Donna Toney, Coffee County
Stephen Weisman, Coffee County
Mark A. Williams, Coffee County
Bill Yoder, Coffee County
Stephanie Brown, Crockett County
Dave Dahl, Crockett County
Chris Davis, Crockett County
Christopher Davis, Crockett County
Ken Davis, Crockett County
Jackie Fincher, Crockett County
William Michael Junkin, Crockett County
Tim Morris, Crockett County
James J Sullivan, Crockett County
Lee Swanger, Crockett County
Charles Ackling, Cumberland County
Shelby Allred, Cumberland County
Clifford R Andersen, Cumberland County
Thanna Anderson, Cumberland County
Dennis Ashman, Cumberland County
James C Auckland, Cumberland County
Patricia Bartley, Cumberland County
Stacy Beasley, Cumberland County
David Bilbrey, Cumberland County
Jeremy Bilbrey, Cumberland County
Richard L. Bilbrey, Cumberland County
Violet A Blaies, Cumberland County
Bill T. Brasher, Cumberland County
Nannie L Brown, Cumberland County
William Burgess, Cumberland County
Terri Campbell, Cumberland County
County Mayor Ken Carey, Cumberland County
J. B. Carleton, Cumberland County
Mary Cartee, Cumberland County
Thomas Connell, Cumberland County
Sheriff Casey Cox, Cumberland County
F Glenn Dale, Cumberland County
Lyle Dobey, Cumberland County
Everett Elkins, Cumberland County
Mary Falkenhagen, Cumberland County
John Froning, Cumberland County
James T Gibson, Cumberland County
Randal Graham, Cumberland County
Nancy Hallock, Cumberland County
Rey Helvenston, Cumberland County
Michael Hoag, Cumberland County
Albert Hoegh, Cumberland County
Thelua Jackson, Cumberland County
Lee D. Knapp, Cumberland County
Larry LaClair, Cumberland County
Marianne M Langeland, Cumberland County
Gerard Layton, Cumberland County
Former Fairfield Glade GOP Club Chairman Ed Lewis, Cumberland County
Robert D. Little, Cumberland County
Lois R Lucas, Cumberland County
Petra Lukoss, Cumberland County
Carmin Lynch, Cumberland County
James Majczek, Cumberland County
Former County GOP Chairman Matthew McClannahan, Cumberland County
Gay Moreno, Cumberland County
Charlotte Mullikin, Cumberland County
Leroy Olsen, Cumberland County
County Commissioner John Patterson, Cumberland County
School Board Member Aertie Patterson, Cumberland County
Ralph Peterson, Cumberland County
Mary C. Pierce, Cumberland County
William D Radel, Cumberland County
Alice J Radwick, Cumberland County
Carol Schahrer, Cumberland County
Edward E. Seastrand, Cumberland County
Joseph Sherrill, Cumberland County
Linda Spangler, Cumberland County
Charles Philip Spencer, Cumberland County
Philip Spencer, Cumberland County
Joseph L Stammen, Cumberland County
Bonnie Stanley, Cumberland County
John Stott, Cumberland County
Former Farm Bureau President Lacy Upchurch, Cumberland County
Sandra S Vincent, Cumberland County
Robert Weingarten, Cumberland County
Jane Wicker, Cumberland County
Robert Wood, Cumberland County
George J Anderson, Davidson County
Nancy Anness, Davidson County
Paul W. Arrington, Davidson County
Ronald Baldwin, Davidson County
Shane Barry, Davidson County
Raymond Barth, Davidson County
Jeb Beasley, Davidson County
John Beasley, Davidson County
Matthew Beasley, Davidson County
Jamie Bedgood, Davidson County
Stephen A Benson, Davidson County
Kaye Bethel, Davidson County
Joshua F Bird, Davidson County
Mary Alice Bishop, Davidson County
Joseph Botz, Davidson County
Johnny Bowman, Davidson County
Jeffery Bradford, Davidson County
Daniel Bregman, Davidson County
Raymond H Brocato, Davidson County
Conoly Brown, Davidson County
Nancy Brown, Davidson County
Walter Brown, Davidson County
Keith Buchanan, Davidson County
John Bulla, Davidson County
Linda Bulla, Davidson County
James H Bunch, Davidson County
Donald Burks, Davidson County
Timothy Burrow, Davidson County
Dr. Martha J Butterfield, Davidson County
Rafael Calderon, Davidson County
Wood Caldwell, Davidson County
Bill Campbell, Davidson County
Mary Campbell, Davidson County
Victor L. Campbell, Davidson County
Luther E Cantrell, Davidson County
Carole D. Carter, Davidson County
Carroll W Chambliss, Davidson County
Arlyn Cherney, Davidson County
Terrence J. Clyne, Davidson County
Colleen Conway-Welch, Davidson County
Dixie Cooper, Davidson County
Paul S. Corley, Davidson County
Sybil Creekmore, Davidson County
Gary Crigger, Davidson County
Joanne Crowell, Davidson County
Lee Curtis, Davidson County
Betty Powell Cutts, Davidson County
Jean Daniels, Davidson County
James Darter, Davidson County
Rachel Darter, Davidson County
Jimmy Davidson, Davidson County
Leon J Davidson, Davidson County
Steve Davidson, Davidson County
Maclin Davis, Davidson County
Judy DeMoss-Ivey, Davidson County
Kevin Desmond, Davidson County
Trecia Dillingham, Davidson County
John Dudley Dolinger, Davidson County
Dr. Leslie W Doss, Davidson County
Dan Dozier, Davidson County
Kelly H. Durham, Davidson County
Jeff B Eslick, Davidson County
Charles K Evans, Davidson County
Mark Faulkner, Davidson County
Kristi Ferry, Davidson County
Barbara Finney, Davidson County
Jon M Foster, Davidson County
James Dudney Fox, Davidson County
Tony Giarratana, Davidson County
Thomas Gittelson, Davidson County
John Goetz, Davidson County
Stanley Graham, Davidson County
Anthony Grande, Davidson County
Lydia Ann Hagar, Davidson County
Alan Halbert, Davidson County
Carl Haley, Davidson County
Connie Haley, Davidson County
Charles Hankla, Davidson County
Sarah Elizabeth Hargis, Davidson County
Juanita Hargrove, Davidson County
Brian Harris, Davidson County
Kermit Hugh Harris, Davidson County
Emily Hastings, Davidson County
John William Haynes, Davidson County
Samuel Hazen, Davidson County
Dorothy Hiatt, Davidson County
James T. Hiatt, Davidson County
Barbara Higgins, Davidson County
E. Brent Hill, Davidson County
Sheryl Hodde, Davidson County
Christopher Howard, Davidson County
Bill Hunter, Davidson County
Dr. David R Hunter, Davidson County
Thomas Hutchinson, Davidson County
Charles B Reasor III, Davidson County
Dr. James R Shackleford III, Davidson County
Ernest Williams III, Davidson County
James C Ward III, Davidson County
James Nixon III, Davidson County
John E Curley III, Davidson County
Joseph A. Sowell III, Davidson County
MSgt A S Westbrook III, Davidson County
Chris Jensen, Davidson County
Donald W Johnson, Davidson County
Eden E Johnson, Davidson County
Hansel Jones, Davidson County
James R. Jones, Davidson County
Charles B Reasor Jr., Davidson County
Charles F. Smith Jr., Davidson County
Douglas G Odom Jr., Davidson County
John Coleman Hayes Jr., Davidson County
Martin Brown Jr., Davidson County
Bryan Kaegi, Davidson County
A.J. Kazimi, Davidson County
Kathleen Kazimi, Davidson County
Brenda C King, Davidson County
J S Kirkham, Davidson County
James Knight, Davidson County
Art Laffer, Davidson County
Kay Lane, Davidson County
Sandi B. Lawless, Davidson County
Ted Lazenby, Davidson County
Virginia B. Lazenby, Davidson County
Jeffrey Lynch, Davidson County
Jeff Mandrell, Davidson County
Audrey K Marshall, Davidson County
Sean A Marshall, Davidson County
Raouf Mattin, Davidson County
Sue McCall, Davidson County
Mitzi McCloud, Davidson County
Olie B McCoin, Davidson County
TNGOP State Executive Committeeman Ron McDow, Davidson County
Vickie H. Mcguigan, Davidson County
Teresa McLemore, Davidson County
David W McMackin, Davidson County
Jonathan McNabb, Davidson County
Kathryn McNabb, Davidson County
Andy McQueen, Davidson County
Carlos Melendez, Davidson County
Kurt Merkelz, Davidson County
Karen A Milek, Davidson County
Mary N Morgan, Davidson County
Matthew Morgan, Davidson County
Kelley Michelle Morris, Davidson County
Will Morrow, Davidson County
Nicole Nunley, Davidson County
Jose Orozco, Davidson County
Bernard Pargh, Davidson County
Maria Pargh, Davidson County
Randall Parham, Davidson County
Robie R Parsley, Davidson County
Paul M Paslick, Davidson County
Perry Patteson, Davidson County
David Pennell, Davidson County
Richard Perez, Davidson County
Anne Perkins, Davidson County
Donna Perlin, Davidson County
Margaret L Peto, Davidson County
Richard Petri, Davidson County
Philip M Pfeffer, Davidson County
Howard Pipes, Davidson County
Margaret Pirtle, Davidson County
Timothy Wade Potter, Davidson County
Dwight Price, Davidson County
Eleanor Raths, Davidson County
Brad Regens, Davidson County
Tom Rice, Davidson County
Bob Ries, Davidson County
Richard Rigali, Davidson County
William J Riker, Davidson County
James H Roberts, Davidson County
Mike Robinson, Davidson County
Mark Rogers, Davidson County
Leesa Roller, Davidson County
Dianna Ruch, Davidson County
Mary Frances Rudy, Davidson County
Henry Paul Scott, Davidson County
Lee R Selby, Davidson County
Patrick Shepherd, Davidson County
Sharon A. Sheriff, Davidson County
William E. Sheriff, Davidson County
Carol Lynn Siemers, Davidson County
Robert Simpson, Davidson County
Matthew Singh, Davidson County
John Slavik, Davidson County
Jon Stephen Smith, Davidson County
Leah M. Smith, Davidson County
Randell A. Smith, Davidson County
Richard Smith, Davidson County
Steve Smith, Davidson County
Sukey Smith, Davidson County
Tristan Newt Smith, Davidson County
Stacy Ries Snyder, Davidson County
Gloria Sparkman, Davidson County
Clifford K McGown Sr., Davidson County
Daniel Stepp, Davidson County
Jerry Stewart, Davidson County
Zeljko Stojadinovic, Davidson County
Ryan Neil Stringfellow, Davidson County
Patricia Sullivan, Davidson County
Patrick Swindle, Davidson County
Margaret Tamberino, Davidson County
Thomas Tanner, Davidson County
John P Taylor, Davidson County
Monica M Terry, Davidson County
Russell Thomas, Davidson County
Joshua Trantum, Davidson County
Scott Turner, Davidson County
Jeffrey Usman, Davidson County
Diann Vaccaro, Davidson County
James E Varallo, Davidson County
Ming Wang, Davidson County
Steven Way, Davidson County
Johnnie G. Williams, Davidson County
Ralph Williams, Davidson County
Dwight Willingham, Davidson County
Timothy R Wilson, Davidson County
William Wilson, Davidson County
Eddie Winkenhofer, Davidson County
Agnes L Withers, Davidson County
Jordan Woodruff, Davidson County
Hilary Young, Davidson County
Jane Young, Davidson County
Lattie M Bawcum, Decatur County
Sheriff Keith Byrd, Decatur County
Brent Lay, Decatur County
Lorenzo Lore, Decatur County
Rev. Robert “Bobby” McCord, Decatur County
James Ashley, Dekalb County
Matthew Boss, DeKalb County
William J Mitchell, Dekalb County
Charles Sewell, DeKalb County
TNGOP State Executive Committeewoman Jennifer Winfree, DeKalb County
Former TNGOP Chairman Tom Beasley, Dickson County
Wendy Beasley, Dickson County
Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe, Dickson County
Paul Brady, Dickson County
Carol Catlin, Dickson County
Jimmy Chandler, Dickson County
Michael Cocke, Dickson County
Tamera Hall, Dickson County
Tim Hansche, Dickson County
Brenda Hester, Dickson County
RaAnn Hillis, Dickson County
TNGOP State Executive Committeeman Larry Hillis, Dickson County
Thomas E Jackson, Dickson County
Quintin Knight, Dickson County
Joan Lochbihler, Dickson County
Nancy Mcgill, Dickson County
Richard Monahan, Dickson County
Mark Montgomery, Dickson County
Frank Moore, Dickson County
Matt Semrau, Dickson County
Tom Wall, Dickson County
State Representative Mary Littleton, Dickson County
Debbie Bradshaw-Hart, Dyer County
Eddie Burks, Dyer County
Former County GOP Chairman Amy Carroll, Dyer County
Ann Carson, Dyer County
Paul Carson, Dyer County
Tim Castellaw, Dyer County
LeAnn Childress, Dyer County
Joseph R Clark, Dyer County
John Cloar, Dyer County
Philip Coker, Dyer County
Kay Crews, Dyer County
Jason Harper, Dyer County
Paul Hart, Dyer County
Former County Mayor Richard Hill, Dyer County
Janet Huish, Dyer County
James “Jimmy” Moody, Dyer County
Christine Pennington, Dyer County
Donald Ray Pennington, Dyer County
Linda Roberts, Dyer County
Sandra Sanders, Dyer County
John Uitendaal, Dyer County
Billy York Walker, Dyer County
Joseph W Wolfe, Dyer County
Joe Yates, Dyer County
Sarah Bartholomew, Fayette County
Martha Ann Black, Fayette County
Reggie Boring, Fayette County
Katie Clements, Fayette County
Curtis Crenshaw, Fayette County
Glenda Feild, Fayette County
Daniel Ferrell, Fayette County
State Senator Dolores Gresham, Fayette County
Will Gresham, Fayette County
Joseph L Hamby, Fayette County
Drexel Allen Membreno, Fayette County
Wendell O Pegram, Fayette County
Louis S Pope, Fayette County
George C Richardson, Fayette County
Bob Shockey, Fayette County
Leslie Shockey, Fayette County
Robert D Shockey, Fayette County
Wanda Shockey, Fayette County
Farrar Vaughan, Fayette County
Robert N Vaughan, Fayette County
Rossville Mayor Judy Watters, Fayette County
Robert Wilson, Fayette County
Gregory Allbright, Fentress County
Tyler C Clark, Fentress County
Earl P. Crabtree, Fentress County
Ruth Craig, Fentress County
Beverly Gilbert, Fentress County
Amanda Hicks, Fentress County
Gary Hicks, Fentress County
George Hirner, Fentress County
Former County GOP Vice-Chairman Dale Meares, Fentress County
Nina Parker, Fentress County
Scott Peacock, Fentress County
Peggy Stephens, Fentress County
Kurt Stults, Fentress County
James Tayler, Fentress County
Jerry Anderson, Franklin County
John Anderson, Franklin County
Judson Clements, Franklin County
Jack R Daniel, Franklin County
Kelly Heilman, Franklin County
James Martin, Franklin County
Ronald Schlagheck, Franklin County
Anna Shelley, Franklin County
Mary E Snyder, Franklin County
Ray Tucker, Franklin County
Bertha Warren, Franklin County
Rev. Richard D Whray, Franklin County
Major General Mike Wiedemer, Franklin County
Michael Wiedemer, Franklin County
T Mason Ashburn, Gibson County
District Attorney General Gary Brown, Gibson County
Former Milan Mayor Chris Crider, Gibson County
Terry Drumwright, Gibson County
Jack Finch, Gibson County
Elizabeth Hoffman, Gibson County
Beverly Poole Hogue, Gibson County
James Honeycutt, Gibson County
Jason Luckey, Gibson County
Jennifer Mcewen, Gibson County
David Piercey, Gibson County
Dr. Lisa Piercey, Gibson County
Joyce A Poole, Gibson County
Holt Shoaf, Gibson County
Blair Bishop, Giles County
Sue Cardin, Giles County
Gina Harrison, Giles County
Jon Harrison, Giles County
Sheriff Kyle Helton, Giles County
Lynda Keehan, Giles County
Faye Marshall, Giles County
Lynn Marshall, Giles County
Donald Rutledge, Giles County
Derrick White, Giles County
Linda White, Giles County
Ronald Adams, Grainger County
Linda Hammond, Grainger County
Sheriff James Harville, Grainger County
Robert Leber, Grainger County
Kristen Lycas, Grainger County
Gary Wensell, Grainger County
Betty Yarnell, Grainger County
Phillip Bible, Greene County
R Donahue Bible, Greene County
Jason Brandon, Greene County
Shelly Breno, Greene County
Brandon Darnell, Greene County
Roger Germond, Greene County
Keith Green, Greene County
Amber Justis, Greene County
Bland Justis, Greene County
Eddie McCamey, Greene County
Robert Moraski, Greene County
Hunter Paris, Greene County
Jack Renner, Greene County
Michael Sigman, Greene County
Patricia Solomon, Greene County
Romaine Williams, Greene County
Rodney Goodwin, Grundy County
Scotty Hoosier, Grundy County
Benny Nunley, Grundy County
Paul Cardali, Hamblen County
Kathleen Cox, Hamblen County
Jane Elliott, Hamblen County
H. A. Harris, Hamblen County
Gregory Helfrich, Hamblen County
G.L. Carter Jr., Hamblen County
Mary Levi, Hamblen County
Doris M Lynch, Hamblen County
Russell Matthews, Hamblen County
Robert Mclendon, Hamblen County
Charles E Richards, Hamblen County
Jerrod Weems, Hamblen County
Ronald C Winkles, Hamblen County
Hope Adams, Hamilton County
Paulette Anderson, Hamilton County
Dr. Truman T Atkins, Hamilton County
Dominic Austin, Hamilton County
Amber Bandish, Hamilton County
Jim Bardoner, Hamilton County
Ella Barnes, Hamilton County
General Burwell B. (B. B.) Bell, Hamilton County
Drew Blankenship, Hamilton County
Sharon Blankenship, Hamilton County
Opal Boyd, Hamilton County
Judy Bryant, Hamilton County
William Butler, Hamilton County
Tammye Cagle, Hamilton County
Mark Caldwell, Hamilton County
LaRora Callihan, Hamilton County
Ray Cecil, Hamilton County
Roger W Childress, Hamilton County
William Chimiak, Hamilton County
David Clark, Hamilton County
Former State Representative Chris Clem, Hamilton County
J. Thomas Cook, Hamilton County
Betty J Cordell, Hamilton County
Beth Crabbe, Hamilton County
Frances Crabbe, Hamilton County
Rear Admiral Robert Crates, Hamilton County
Robert C. Crates, Hamilton County
Allison Cyrus, Hamilton County
John Davis, Hamilton County
Thankful Davis, Hamilton County
Carol L Day, Hamilton County
Janet Dobson, Hamilton County
Dr. Keith Dressler, Hamilton County
Jimmy A Dunn, Hamilton County
Amelia Eady, Hamilton County
Georgia SH Eastman, Hamilton County
Tommie M Erwin, Hamilton County
Ronald Eytchison, Hamilton County
Phil Fleenor, Hamilton County
Fred Friday, Hamilton County
Elizabeth Fulop, Hamilton County
Kyle Gentner, Hamilton County
Andrew J. Georgas, Hamilton County
Patricia Goldblatt, Hamilton County
Ronnie L Graham, Hamilton County
Lynda Griffin, Hamilton County
Sarah Hammontree, Hamilton County
Diane L Harris, Hamilton County
Brian Hickman, Hamilton County
Nisa Hooper, Hamilton County
Frank Hughes, Hamilton County
Eileen Irvin, Hamilton County
George Jallo, Hamilton County
Lawrence A James, Hamilton County
Ryan Jenkins, Hamilton County
Dr. Shawn Jones, Hamilton County
Nancy Jones, Hamilton County
Eugeen Jorge, Hamilton County
Anthony P. Cicirello Jr., Hamilton County
Lois Killebrew, Hamilton County
Terrence Lee, Hamilton County
Mary K Liebe, Hamilton County
Paul Loftin, Hamilton County
Rear Admiral Noah Long, Hamilton County
Mark Longnecker, Hamilton County
Sandra Lowery, Hamilton County
John D Mason, Hamilton County
Robert U Mathieson, Hamilton County
Craig McGarvey, Hamilton County
Dr. Craig McGarvey, Hamilton County
Joan McGarvey, Hamilton County
Bob McKamey, Hamilton County
Sarah McKenzie, Hamilton County
Ann Miller, Hamilton County
Craig Miller, Hamilton County
Larry R. Minniear, Hamilton County
Rosalind Moore, Hamilton County
Wayland Moore, Hamilton County
Frances Myers, Hamilton County
Mickey Myers, Hamilton County
Ulysses S Myers, Hamilton County
Charles V Neal, Hamilton County
Brian O’Shaughnessy, Hamilton County
Louesa Peters, Hamilton County
Hayley Pirrera, Hamilton County
Erin Taylor Plunkett, Hamilton County
Mrs. Payton Plunkett, Hamilton County
Payton Plunkett, Hamilton County
Kelli K Preast, Hamilton County
Dale Reynolds, Hamilton County
Frances Riendeau, Hamilton County
David W Roberts, Hamilton County
Mary Anne Rollins, Hamilton County
Lauren Sherrell, Hamilton County
Judi Shoemaker, Hamilton County
David S Ware Sr., Hamilton County
Jerry Stephens, Hamilton County
Julie Sutfin, Hamilton County
Amon Swanger, Hamilton County
Amy Swygert, Hamilton County
Linda Taylor, Hamilton County
Robert Taylor, Hamilton County
Michael Terrell, Hamilton County
William R Thomas, Hamilton County
Travis Thompson, Hamilton County
Jill C Victorio, Hamilton County
Mark T Werner, Hamilton County
Ralph Whitmire, Hamilton County
John M Williams, Hamilton County
James Williamson, Hamilton County
Mary Lou Williamson, Hamilton County
Former State Representative Bobby Wood, Hamilton County
Jeanne Wood, Hamilton County
Mackenzie Wrightsman, Hamilton County
J. Nathan Wyatt, Hamilton County
Anita Zeiser, Hamilton County
Bruce C Zeiser, Hamilton County
C. M. Zeiser, Hamilton County
John Zeiser, Hamilton County
Cathleen Zeko, Hamilton County
Darlene Morris, Hancock County
McArthur Yount, Hancock County
Larry Brown, Hardeman County
Amelia Carlson, Hardeman County
James Massey, Hardeman County
Wanda McCalip, Hardeman County
Former Bolivar Mayor Barrett Stevens Sr., Hardeman County
Robert Wallace, Hardeman County
Waldo Barron, Hardin County
Betty Lou Beil, Hardin County
Johnny Bellis, Hardin County
Savannah City Commissioner Kent Collier, Hardin County
Robert Higginbottom, Hardin County
Jack Holder, Hardin County
Benny Neill, Hardin County
Dot Qualls, Hardin County
Savannah Mayor Bob Shutt, Hardin County
Jimmy Vest, Hardin County
Linda Ball, Hawkins County
Austin R Bradley, Hawkins County
Melvin Braun, Hawkins County
Tiffany Cook, Hawkins County
Ethan Galloway, Hawkins County
County Commissioner Darrell Gilliam, Hawkins County
Jerry B Helker, Hawkins County
Darrell Lawson, Hawkins County
Sheriff Ronnie Lawson, Hawkins County
Michael Lewis, Hawkins County
Oscar Lovell, Hawkins County
Billy Reeves, Hawkins County
Betty Schilling, Hawkins County
Jim Duke, Haywood County
C Thomas Hooper, Haywood County
Jefferson M Hooper, Haywood County
Sheriff Bill Garrett Jr., Haywood County
Patricia Simmons, Haywood County
Kristoffer Adams, Henderson County
Shirley Campbell, Henderson County
Tammy Griffin, Henderson County
Thelma L Hawkes, Henderson County
County Commissioner Susan Montgomery, Henderson County
Harry Scott, Henderson County
Doris Walker, Henderson County
Steve Goggans, Henry County
Carolyn Gore, Henry County
Rebecca Griffey, Henry County
Vicki Hodge Hoover, Henry County
Edwin Ledden, Henry County
Dr. Andy Lundberg, Henry County
Wendi Lundberg, Henry County
Gary H Martin, Henry County
Barry Wagner, Henry County
Jerry D Wallace, Henry County
Raymond Beachy, Hickman County
County GOP Vice-Chairman Melanie Cagle, Hickman County
Roger Coates, Hickman County
Johnny Davis, Hickman County
Marcus Ebert, Hickman County
Charles W Glaze, Hickman County
Mayland Coursey Jr., Hickman County
Bobby McCoy, Hickman County
Daniel Mecklenborg, Hickman County
Amanda Oswalt, Hickman County
Susan Petty, Hickman County
Treesia Rhoden, Hickman County
Sheriff Randall Ward, Hickman County
Mark Blackmon, Houston County
Polly Fussel-Miller, Houston County
M. Nadine Grice, Houston County
Joni Hargrove, Houston County
Ellen Ligon, Houston County
Erin Vice-Mayor Betsy Ligon, Houston County
Bob Mallory, Houston County
Audrey McWhorter, Houston County
Lori Moore, Houston County
Sheriff Kevin Sugg, Houston County
Philip Beech, Humphreys County
Donna Burch, Humphreys County
Richard E Charnock, Humphreys County
Debra Mathews, Humphreys County
John Millard, Humphreys County
John M. Campbell, Jackson County
Zachery Gore, Jackson County
David Haney, Jackson County
Sheriff Marty Hinson, Jackson County
John D. Stites II, Jackson County
Mitchell Lassiter, Jackson County
Kim Mowrey, Jackson County
Jimmie Pearson, Jackson County
Rosemary Stites, Jackson County
Jim Young, Jackson County
Robert W Beeler, Jefferson County
Clifford Best, Jefferson County
J. D. Bloomer, Jefferson County
Brenda Cox, Jefferson County
Charles Gantte, Jefferson County
Kenneth Glover, Jefferson County
David Hayes, Jefferson County
Doug Ibbetson, Jefferson County
Carol Leclair, Jefferson County
Billie Jeanne Peattie, Jefferson County
Barbara Piatt, Jefferson County
Angelo Quintana, Jefferson County
Jamie Roberts, Jefferson County
Jack Shipe, Jefferson County
Denise Michelle Silver, Jefferson County
Carolyn Jean Skeen, Jefferson County
Landon Taylor, Jefferson County
Pam Taylor, Jefferson County
Sandra Underhill, Jefferson County
James Welch, Jefferson County
William E Whitworth, Jefferson County
Irene Ackley, Johnson County
Jeanne A Courtney, Johnson County
Julia Chris Dandurand, Johnson County
Rita Dunn, Johnson County
George King, Johnson County
Terry Snyder, Johnson County
Holly Tindall, Johnson County
Danny Wilson, Johnson County
Barbara Barlow, Knox County
Fannalea Beeler, Knox County
Teresa M Bomkamp-Laggis, Knox County
Diana Brauer, Knox County
Katie Browning, Knox County
Judy Bruce, Knox County
Ronald Bryant, Knox County
R. Gwen Buckner, Knox County
William Carder, Knox County
Jeff Chapman, Knox County
Grayson Coleman , Knox County
Daniel Conrad, Knox County
Rhonda Cowden, Knox County
Sharon S Davis, Knox County
Guillermo DelCul, Knox County
Albert Denton, Knox County
Jason E Duncan, Knox County
State Representative Bill Dunn, Knox County
James Ferguson, Knox County
Robin Flenniken, Knox County
David Folz, Knox County
Rick Ford, Knox County
Jeff Hagood, Knox County
Hannah M Haller, Knox County
George Handley, Knox County
Claudine Harding, Knox County
Sandra Hayman, Knox County
Gary Hibben, Knox County
Tammy Hibben, Knox County
Martha C Holloway, Knox County
Daniel Hugh, Knox County
Lana Hughes, Knox County
Javan Hutchins, Knox County
Harry W Livergood II, Knox County
George E Wilson III, Knox County
Don Jackson, Knox County
Austin Jenkins, Knox County
Carolyn Johnson, Knox County
Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones, Knox County
William E Jones, Knox County
Charles A Chandley Jr., Knox County
R Keith Kibbe, Knox County
Dr. James Killeffer, Knox County
Elizabeth B King, Knox County
Dr. Kamilia Kozlowski, Knox County
Glenn LaJudice, Knox County
Anne Marie Lee, Knox County
Larry Long, Knox County
Renee Lynn, Knox County
Tim Magargle, Knox County
Jerry Mashek, Knox County
Evelyn Matthews, Knox County
Wendy Matthews, Knox County
Jarrett McBride, Knox County
Ruth T McDonald, Knox County
Gerald McGee, Knox County
Laurence F Miller, Knox County
Todd Moody, Knox County
Scott Moore, Knox County
Douglas S Moreland, Knox County
Dale Mutz, Knox County
Eric Nicely, Knox County
Eileen M Ogles, Knox County
Jerry K Patterson, Knox County
Irene Pfeifer, Knox County
Jim Porter, Knox County
Trey Poteet, Knox County
D. Danny Rahnema, Knox County
Matthew Regas, Knox County
Jackie Robbins, Knox County
D L Rosford, Knox County
Marc Silberman, Knox County
Ted Konrad Sowinski, Knox County
Melissa Stooksbury, Knox County
Leanetta Taylor, Knox County
Bertie S Tolliver, Knox County
Elwood Troy, Knox County
Charles Wagner, Knox County
Taylor Wright, Knox County
Hershel H. Wyrick, Knox County
Carl Zimmerman, Knox County
Karl Callens, Lake County
Tiptonville Alderman Sarah Woods, Lake County
Jeff Buckner, Lauderdale County
Kelly Codega, Lauderdale County
Constance Jones, Lauderdale County
Judy D Molder, Lauderdale County
Bill Williams, Lauderdale County
Charles Etheredge, Lawrence County
Dwayne Gillespie, Lawrence County
Ostine Hardy, Lawrence County
Dwight James, Lawrence County
James Markus, Lawrence County
Harold McAnally, Lawrence County
James Story, Lawrence County
Blake Farr, Lewis County
Carol Kelso, Lewis County
Agnes Barnes, Lincoln County
Sheriff Murray Blackwelder, Lincoln County
Dr. J. Louis Bledsoe, Lincoln County
William Brinda, Lincoln County
District Attorney General Rob Carter, Lincoln County
County Commissioner Kate Guin, Lincoln County
Alan Horsman, Lincoln County
Barbara Locklear, Lincoln County
Ronald Mahal, Lincoln County
Marlon Simmons, Lincoln County
Jeremy Thompson, Lincoln County
Mike Wetherington, Lincoln County
John Lee Williams, Lincoln County
Albert Bell, Loudon County
Jack Brooks, Loudon County
James W Chapman, Loudon County
Terry J Chase, Loudon County
Phoebe Clark, Loudon County
Richard Cubberley, Loudon County
James Roger Hale, Loudon County
Cindy A Hentchel, Loudon County
Dawson Hope, Loudon County
Anthony Hopkins, Loudon County
District Attorney General Russell Johnson, Loudon County
Lawrence Johnson, Loudon County
Jack S Lawing Jr., Loudon County
O. William Koepp Jr., Loudon County
Wayne T Kickels, Loudon County
David Lambert, Loudon County
Susan Little, Loudon County
Ingham Mack, Loudon County
Brandon Pressley, Loudon County
Margaret Ramsey, Loudon County
Pandora Vreeland, Loudon County
Shirley Westcott, Loudon County
Carol Witherington, Loudon County
Linda Austin, Macon County
David Brewington, Macon County
Delberta Cotcher, Macon County
James B. Driver, Macon County
Edward K. Hardy, Macon County
Cheryl Landry, Macon County
Michael O’Steen, Macon County
David Scheu, Macon County
Philomena M Ashley, Madison County
Richard Barber, Madison County
Rob Caldwell, Madison County
Carter Edwards, Madison County
Bruce Falin, Madison County
Ginger French, Madison County
Bill Fry, Madison County
Terry Graves, Madison County
Fiona M. Harlan, Madison County
Jonathan Harlan, Madison County
Dwight Hart, Madison County
Jerry Hartsfield, Madison County
Johnny Jones, Madison County
Joseph M Londino Jr., Madison County
Roscoe A Jackson, Jr., Madison County
Jessica Julian, Madison County
Carl Kirkland, Madison County
Dr. Ron Kirkland, Madison County
Stephen Krause, Madison County
Betsy Little, Madison County
Linda Love, Madison County
Thomas S Lovell, Madison County
Kyle Lusby, Madison County
Lloyd A Perry, Madison County
Merita Stone, Madison County
Deborah Stovall, Madison County
Jeanie Todd, Madison County
Joan Tomlin, Madison County
Mimi Voss, Madison County
Clint Weaver, Madison County
Donna J. Webb, Madison County
Kay Wilkes, Madison County
Stanley Wooten, Madison County
Wendy Barrett, Marion County
Van D Cannon, Marion County
George C Jackson, Marion County
Martha Lee Millsaps, Marion County
Darlene Rives, Marion County
Jay Sanders, Marion County
Vickie Sonnenberg, Marion County
Robert Brooksher, Marshall County
Wayne Coomes, Marshall County
Susan Herrick, Marshall County
Eddie L. Baird Jr., Marshall County
Former County GOP Chairman Shirley Lowe, Marshall County
William B Marsh, Marshall County
Gerard Rodrigues, Marshall County
County Commissioner Talvin Barner, Maury County
Carol Carr, Maury County
District Attorney General Brent Cooper, Maury County
Joe Delk, Maury County
Ron Fincher, Maury County
David Glasgow, Maury County
Arnold Hammond, Maury County
William Ivey, Maury County
Rev. Paul Joiner, Maury County
Kristi Lenart, Maury County
David Little, Maury County
Joe McCormick, Maury County
Nancy McEwen, Maury County
Daniel Moreschi, Maury County
Charles E. Rau, Maury County
Joe C Roberson, Maury County
George E Russell, Maury County
Dale Silverman, Maury County
Ralph Smith, Maury County
Margaret Ann Stone, Maury County
Arlie James Veer, Maury County
Carolyn Whiteside, Maury County
State Senator Mike Bell, McMinn County
J G Buchko, McMinn County
Judy B Cooley, McMinn County
Edward Doten, McMinn County
Ross Elkins, McMinn County
Kevin Kuyt, McMinn County
Jim Shaw, McMinn County
Merle S Tummins, McMinn County
Larry Bell, McNairy County
John T Dennis, McNairy County
Minnie Faye Goff, McNairy County
Craig Mullins, McNairy County
Paul Schumacher, McNairy County
Selmer Mayor John Smith, McNairy County
Olivia Hoffman, Meigs County
Charles Moorhouse Jr., Meigs County
Joy Moorhouse, Meigs County
Alan Wade, Meigs County
Gail Amanns, Monroe County
Luke Bright, Monroe County
Barbara Callan, Monroe County
Margie Chitwood, Monroe County
Sheriff Tommy Jones, Monroe County
TNGOP State Executive Committeeman Bill Landrum, Monroe County
TNGOP State Executive Committeewoman June Landrum, Monroe County
David Lowe, Monroe County
Clyde Mullins, Monroe County
Janice L Strempel, Monroe County
Thom Thompson, Monroe County
J D Veach, Monroe County
Sarahjean Alvarez, Montgomery County
Raymond Anderson, Montgomery County
Cesar Andujo, Montgomery County
Marilyn Black, Montgomery County
Margaret Blair, Montgomery County
Demetra Boyd, Montgomery County
Clayton Bridges, Montgomery County
Chris Brown, Montgomery County
Sidney Brown, Montgomery County
Scott Bryant, Montgomery County
Joseph L Bunt, Montgomery County
Bobby Chapuis, Montgomery County
Dave Cooper, Montgomery County
Clarksville City Councilman Rob Erb, Montgomery County
Claudia Erb, Montgomery County
Vincent Flores, Montgomery County
Paul Franks, Montgomery County
Sheriff John Fuson, Montgomery County
Kenneth Gaither, Montgomery County
County Commissioner John Gannon, Montgomery County
Cami Green, Montgomery County
State Senator Mark Green, Montgomery County
Wayne Gulledge, Montgomery County
Rufus S Johnson III, Montgomery County
Cecil Morgan Jr., Montgomery County
Sherry Keel, Montgomery County
Jason Knight, Montgomery County
Fred L Landiss, Montgomery County
Dorothy Manning, Montgomery County
Marilyn Milczewski, Montgomery County
Charles David Morgan, Montgomery County
Don W Morgan, Montgomery County
Robert E Morgan, Montgomery County
Jim Morris, Montgomery County
Marvin E Nagel, Montgomery County
First Sergeant Alfred E Nickell, Montgomery County
James E Orgain, Montgomery County
James Perry, Montgomery County
Johnny E Piper, Montgomery County
David B Smith, Montgomery County
Grayson William Smith, Montgomery County
Houston Smith, Montgomery County
Nita K Smith, Montgomery County
Carlton Stedman, Montgomery County
Jeff P Turner, Montgomery County
Paul Turner, Montgomery County
Charles C Webster, Montgomery County
Georgine B Wilson, Montgomery County
Jerry Winn, Montgomery County
Sheriff Mark Logan, Moore County
Donna Tucker, Moore County
Diana H Hitchcock, Morgan County
Bill Kries, Morgan County
Susie Kries, Morgan County
Gary Latham, Morgan County
Monica Marshall, Morgan County
Kimberly Newberry, Morgan County
Alexa Respeto, Morgan County
Obra Seiber, Morgan County
Ralph Adams, Obion County
William D Bearden, Obion County
Fay Bryant, Obion County
Russell H Caldwell, Obion County
Bob Cartwright, Obion County
Michael E Cox, Obion County
Glenda Cozart, Obion County
Al Creswell, Obion County
Phillip Creswell, Obion County
Larry Davis, Obion County
Charles E Doss, Obion County
J. Lee Fry, Obion County
Newell Graham, Obion County
Jane Hale, Obion County
Jake Henry, Obion County
Marsha Houston, Obion County
James L Rippy Jr., Obion County
Robert Clendenin Jr., Obion County
Henry Kimble, Obion County
Jenny Kirkland, Obion County
Bill Latimer, Obion County
Dr. Paul Marsidi, Obion County
Mark McBride, Obion County
Mary Whayne Miles, Obion County
Brenda Randolph, Obion County
Bill Simrell, Obion County
Donna M Smith, Obion County
Art Sparks, Obion County
Charlotte Sullivan, Obion County
Sheriff Jerry Vastbinder, Obion County
Pat Thurmond Wade, Obion County
Lelia Warner, Obion County
Sally A Wright, Obion County
Joseph Amonett, Overton County
Douglas Berry, Overton County
Robert Carlton, Overton County
Dr. Michael T. Cox, Overton County
Susan Dalton, Overton County
Elaine Duewer, Overton County
E Eugene Gantt, Overton County
Sheriff John Garrett, Overton County
Former County GOP Chairman John Houser, Overton County
Former County GOP Chairman Mark Houser, Overton County
Ronald Hyder, Overton County
Andrew Sivo III, Overton County
Tim Ledford, Overton County
Joe Lynn, Overton County
Tony Maxfield, Overton County
Karen McCarroll, Overton County
Scot McDonald, Overton County
Elizabeth Murphy, Overton County
Jerry Norrod, Overton County
Samuel Norrod, Overton County
J.J. Oakley, Overton County
Millard V. Oakley, Overton County
R.L. Oakley, Overton County
Donald D Pierwola, Overton County
Airica Puckett, Overton County
Dr. L.G. Puckett, Overton County
James R. Rice, Overton County
Frederick H. Roach, Overton County
Ralph Robbins, Overton County
Karen Robinson, Overton County
Diane L. Sadler, Overton County
Andrew Sivo, Overton County
Timothy John Smith, Overton County
County GOP Vice-Chairman Matthew Tuttle, Overton County
William Tuttle, Overton County
Anthony Vana, Overton County
Edmund Walker, Overton County
Jenny Wilkins, Overton County
Euretha Williams, Overton County
Doyle Brown, Perry County
Jessie S Kautzman, Perry County
County Commissioner Eddie Ledbetter, Perry County
James S Martin, Perry County
Danny Runions, Perry County
Danny A Runions, Sr., Perry County
County Commissioner David Trull, Perry County
Carol Wells, Perry County
Chip Buck, Pickett County
Ernest R Elder, Pickett County
Amanda J Fitzgerald, Pickett County
James Adam Fitzgerald, Pickett County
Jessica L Fitzgerald, Pickett County
Ricky Fitzgerald, Pickett County
Tommy A Fitzgerald, Pickett County
Tommy C. Fitzgerald, Pickett County
Timothy Ford, Pickett County
Byrdstown Mayor Sam Gibson, Pickett County
Carrie L Gunter, Pickett County
Carl Lawrence, Pickett County
Sandra J Lindemer, Pickett County
Jeffery D Rich, Pickett County
Shawnia R Rich, Pickett County
Annie Talbott, Pickett County
Gary Burrows, Polk County
Carl Campbell, Polk County
Betty J Collins, Polk County
Dan Dale, Polk County
Randall Davis, Polk County
RJ Davis, Polk County
Regina A Falco, Polk County
Former County GOP Chairman Walter Hyatt, Polk County
Ronnie ONeal, Polk County
Polk County Sheriff Steve Ross, Polk County
Travis Short, Polk County
Cynthia Adams, Putnam County
Jerry Alford, Putnam County
Bob Allen, Putnam County
Janice Allen, Putnam County
Tracy Austin, Putnam County
Phillip Baker, Putnam County
Alfred Ballinger, Putnam County
Debra Boles, Putnam County
Parker Boles, Putnam County
William P. Bonner, Putnam County
Annette Bouchard, Putnam County
Jim Bourke, Putnam County
Wrenetta Braun, Putnam County
Ashley Bray, Putnam County
Wesley Bray, Putnam County
Dr. Stacy D. Brewington, Putnam County
Richard Bullard, Putnam County
Evelyn Burgess, Putnam County
Larry Burgess, Putnam County
Sue Chaffin, Putnam County
Eddie Clark, Putnam County
Joyce Collier, Putnam County
Steve Copeland, Putnam County
Wayne Cravens, Putnam County
Susan Dalton, Putnam County
Robert C. Davis, Putnam County
Kay Detwiler, Putnam County
Mike Detwiler, Putnam County
Walter C Drake, Putnam County
District Attorney General Bryant Dunaway, Putnam County
Deborah Duquette, Putnam County
Stephen M. Dwyer, Putnam County
Dr. Richard W. Dycus, Putnam County
Barbara Dyer, Putnam County
Marvin Dyer, Putnam County
Ellen Eaton, Putnam County
Lowell Ebersole, Putnam County
Francis E. Elliott, Putnam County
Sheriff Eddie Farris, Putnam County
Col. Angelo Fernandez, Putnam County
Brenda Floeter, Putnam County
Garry Floeter, Putnam County
Elizabeth Fournet, Putnam County
Celeste Gammon, Putnam County
Grant Gammon, Putnam County
Jerry Gaw, Putnam County
Lois Gaw, Putnam County
Paul Gaw, Putnam County
Randy Gaw, Putnam County
Billy Gentry, Putnam County
Tommy Gentry, Putnam County
Jonathan Green, Putnam County
Rhonda Hahn, Putnam County
James N. Hall, Putnam County
Ken Hall, Putnam County
Frank T Harrell, Putnam County
Erica Troupe Harris, Putnam County
Mark Herren, Putnam County
Betty Herron, Putnam County
Rosalba Houle, Putnam County
Robbie Huddleston, Putnam County
Timothy Huddleston, Putnam County
Dr. Toney Hudson, Putnam County
Haven Hudson, Putnam County
Linda Jones, Putnam County
Lisa L. Jones, Putnam County
Thomas H. Jones, Putnam County
William Arrott Jr, Putnam County
Martin L. Medley Jr., Putnam County
Ottis Phillips Jr., Putnam County
William C. Sessions Jr., Putnam County
Gary Leftwich, Putnam County
Stewart Leftwich, Putnam County
Fowler H. Low, Putnam County
Kay Lynn, Putnam County
Ann Manzaro, Putnam County
James T. Martin, Putnam County
Tammy Martorana, Putnam County
Donita Maxwell, Putnam County
Bill Maynard, Putnam County
Delores Mcelhaney, Putnam County
Garry McNabb, Putnam County
Former County GOP Chairman Harvey McNeal, Putnam County
Jerry L. Melton, Putnam County
Michael Miller, Putnam County
Dr. Josue Montanez, Putnam County
James Murchison, Putnam County
Lori Murphy, Putnam County
Earl Y. Nichols, Putnam County
Linda O’Rourke, Putnam County
Mark A. Odom, Putnam County
Rhonda Owens, Putnam County
Carolyn Piela, Putnam County
Jan Power, Putnam County
Margaret A Puckett, Putnam County
Robert G Ray, Putnam County
Andy Redus, Putnam County
Ruth Redus, Putnam County
John Reels, Putnam County
Sue E Rich, Putnam County
Lacey Roberts, Putnam County
Paul Roberts, Putnam County
Joan C. Ross, Putnam County
Robert Ross, Putnam County
Susan Russo, Putnam County
Gregory Schmitt, Putnam County
Marilyn L Sealy, Putnam County
Virginia Smith, Putnam County
Anna Jo Swafford, Putnam County
Michael L. Swallows, Putnam County
Ronald D Sykes, Putnam County
Leah K Talbott, Putnam County
Bob Weeden, Putnam County
Elaine Weeden, Putnam County
Janet Whitaker, Putnam County
James P. Wright, Putnam County
Theodore W Hayes, Rhea County
Bailey Hufstetler, Rhea County
Dave Hughes, Rhea County
Patsy Keltch, Rhea County
Francis Lewis, Rhea County
William Lusk, Rhea County
Brenda Marler, Rhea County
Cooper Payne, Rhea County
Mary Potter, Rhea County
Clayton Westfall, Rhea County
Steven Barnhart, Roane County
Margaret C Burnette, Roane County
Florette Charles, Roane County
Cletas Coley, Roane County
Marguerite Coscia, Roane County
Shelby J Ellis, Roane County
Monty Fritts, Roane County
Crissy Lenhard, Roane County
Brian Matthews, Roane County
Brittany McMahan, Roane County
Charles Meyer, Roane County
Harold D Osucha, Roane County
Margie Patterson, Roane County
Henry Redmond, Roane County
Jim Ryans, Roane County
Terry Stevens, Roane County
Judith A Terry, Roane County
Edna Tilley, Roane County
Kevin West, Roane County
State Senator Ken Yager, Roane County
Robert Allen, Robertson County
Susan Allen, Robertson County
White House Mayor Michael Arnold, Robertson County
Jeanie Beauchamp, Robertson County
Alyce J. Bell, Robertson County
Dorothy Boger, Robertson County
Joseph A. Bryant, Robertson County
Louis Buck, Robertson County
Dave Calhoun, Robertson County
Paula Carr, Robertson County
Randall Carr, Robertson County
Tim W. Chowning, Robertson County
Glen D Craig, Robertson County
Randy Davis, Robertson County
Pete Denning, Robertson County
Lee Douglas, Robertson County
Melvin Earls, Robertson County
James Eddings, Robertson County
County Commissioner Don Eden, Robertson County
Sherri Eden, Robertson County
Stephen Fletcher, Robertson County
Edward Franklin, Robertson County
Former TNGOP State Executive Committeeman Jonathan Garner, Robertson County
Lewis Garst, Robertson County
Marilynn Gash, Robertson County
Thomas Gittelson, Robertson County
County GOP Vice-Chairman Paul Graden, Robertson County
Daniel Green, Robertson County
Daniel Hayes, Robertson County
Sheriff Bill Holt, Robertson County
Cliff Hutson, Robertson County
Fran Hutson, Robertson County
Ralph Illges, Robertson County
Robert Pospisil Jr., Robertson County
Raymond Knowles, Robertson County
Theresa Lott, Robertson County
Dr. Victor Braren M.D., Robertson County
William Maksymowicz, Robertson County
Andy Nash, Robertson County
Tony L Neal, Robertson County
Hugh D. Nichols, Robertson County
Bill Norfleet, Robertson County
Kelvin Penuel, Robertson County
Bill Powell, Robertson County
Andrew Roberts, Robertson County
Springfield Mayor Ann Schneider, Robertson County
Paul H. Strange, Robertson County
Cody O Sullins, Robertson County
Jerry W. Summers, Robertson County
June Taylor, Robertson County
Peter G Viscardi, Robertson County
Judy Vreeburg, Robertson County
Rens Vreeburg, Robertson County
Sarah Waldrop, Robertson County
Ken Warren, Robertson County
Teresa Williams, Robertson County
Stephen D. Wilson, Robertson County
Patricia Armstrong, Rutherford County
Joseph Bailey, Rutherford County
Damian Baker, Rutherford County
Lindrell Barrett, Rutherford County
Jeffrey Bell, Rutherford County
Judy Bradford, Rutherford County
John Calfee, Rutherford County
Dean A Casselberry, Rutherford County
Nola Caudill, Rutherford County
Rucker Collier, Rutherford County
Mike Conner, Rutherford County
Beth Cope, Rutherford County
Jim Cope, Rutherford County
Debbie Cope, Rutherford County
Evan Cope, Rutherford County
Charlotte A Csabi, Rutherford County
Cary G Dannelly, Rutherford County
James Dean, Rutherford County
Jerome D Dempsey, Rutherford County
Hugh F Dixon, Rutherford County
Thomas Dolan, Rutherford County
Jamye Dollinger, Rutherford County
Ben Earthman, Rutherford County
Brittany Evans, Rutherford County
Pamela Footit, Rutherford County
Percy Ford, Rutherford County
Jennifer Fowler, Rutherford County
Bruce Frizzell, Rutherford County
Jessica Frizzell, Rutherford County
TNGOP State Executive Committeman Lance Frizzell, Rutherford County
Wade L Frizzell, Rutherford County
Brian Garl, Rutherford County
Connie L Goddard, Rutherford County
Sherri Goforth, Rutherford County
Elias “Yaz” Hassan, Rutherford County
Carolyn Haynes, Rutherford County
Former Congressman Van Hilleary, Rutherford County
Dennis Hixson, Rutherford County
Frances R Hogue, Rutherford County
Joseph Holland, Rutherford County
Jeffrey H Holmes, Rutherford County
Robert Hopkins, Rutherford County
Paul Howell, Rutherford County
Patricia Hutchinson, Rutherford County
Wayne Irvin, Rutherford County
Edwin Jack, Rutherford County
Albert Jennings, Rutherford County
Helen Ray Jennings, Rutherford County
Kenneth D Johnson, Rutherford County
Warren Johnson, Rutherford County
District Attorney General Jennings Jones, Rutherford County
William Ransom Jones, Rutherford County
Katherine Jordan, Rutherford County
Janise S. Mioton Jr., Rutherford County
Daniel Kellum, Rutherford County
L. B. Kelly, Rutherford County
Joseph Kieltyka, Rutherford County
Ella Knutson, Rutherford County
Glenn Kopchak, Rutherford County
Bryan J Kozinski, Rutherford County
Lynn Lien, Rutherford County
Scott Longuevan, Rutherford County
Eric Lynch, Rutherford County
Wendell A Meeks, Rutherford County
Marilyn Morgan, Rutherford County
Smyrna City Councilman Tim Morrell, Rutherford County
John F Morris, Rutherford County
Mable A Naron, Rutherford County
Laura M Nelson, Rutherford County
Marilyn Newsom, Rutherford County
Kathy Nobles, Rutherford County
Amanda Phillips, Rutherford County
Claire Phillips, Rutherford County
Kimberly Pitts, Rutherford County
Gary Redmon, Rutherford County
Jeffrey L. Reed, Rutherford County
Mary Ann Richardson, Rutherford County
Marcia L Richmond, Rutherford County
Peter Rob, Rutherford County
Amy Roberts, Rutherford County
Elizabeth “Betty” Robinson, Rutherford County
Blake Michelle Rooks, Rutherford County
Kathy Ryan, Rutherford County
Janice Rytlewski, Rutherford County
Joseph E Sarsfield, Rutherford County
R. Barry Shipp, Rutherford County
Minh Sinh, Rutherford County
John Smits, Rutherford County
Michael J Spiroff, Rutherford County
Susan Taylor, Rutherford County
J. Greg Tidwell, Rutherford County
Jack O. Weatherford, Rutherford County
Mary R White, Rutherford County
Julie Wilcox, Rutherford County
Mary Annette Wileczek, Rutherford County
Stanley Wilson, Rutherford County
Leanna Wright, Rutherford County
Former County GOP Chairman Bruce Duncan, Scott County
James L Cotton Jr., Scott County
Charles B Sexton, Scott County
Jerry Wilson, Scott County
Redgie C Camp, Sequatchie County
Freddie Clayton, Sequatchie County
Cathy Cunningham, Sequatchie County
Jerry Hooks, Sequatchie County
Margaret Johnson, Sequatchie County
Charles T Neal, Sequatchie County
HM Reynolds, Sequatchie County
Rolland A. Stamp, Sequatchie County
Richard Wistner, Sequatchie County
Elizabeth Adams, Sevier County
Nancy B. Breazeale, Sevier County
Garry Chin, Sevier County
Sharon P. Clouser, Sevier County
Linda Gayle Coleman, Sevier County
Ralph Davidson, Sevier County
Wendy Davis, Sevier County
Joe D. Depew, Sevier County
District Attorney General Jimmy Dunn, Sevier County
Donald Gillespie, Sevier County
Shirley Hampton, Sevier County
John Hancock, Sevier County
Bob Hansen, Sevier County
Connie Harvison, Sevier County
Carol Henson, Sevier County
Robert Jenkins, Sevier County
Carole D Keen, Sevier County
Timothy Kresica, Sevier County
Gregory C Logue, Sevier County
Eileen Manske, Sevier County
Everette Mashburn, Sevier County
Dwight McCarter, Sevier County
Michael Murphy, Sevier County
John Thomas Phillips, Sevier County
Ralph Prince, Sevier County
Angela Rayfield, Sevier County
Former District Attorney General Al Schmutzer, Sevier County
Sharon Ann Schoenfeld, Sevier County
Sheriff Ronnie “Hoss” Seals, Sevier County
Michael Shular, Sevier County
Robert Stoffle, Sevier County
Deborah Toppings, Sevier County
Connie Alber, Shelby County
Walter T Aldridge, Shelby County
Murf Appling, Shelby County
Jerry L Archer, Shelby County
Susan Scheidt Arney, Shelby County
Scott Bales, Shelby County
Stacey Barnhill, Shelby County
John Barzizza, Shelby County
Teresa Bascom, Shelby County
Amy Batson, Shelby County
Cary Beane, Shelby County
Lawrence Beck, Shelby County
Gayle Bennett, Shelby County
Hartmut Berns, Shelby County
Ziadie Berry, Shelby County
Curtis D Bicknell, Shelby County
Chris Bird, Shelby County
Kathryn Boschert, Shelby County
Ina Breazeal, Shelby County
Donna M Briggs, Shelby County
Robert Brown, Shelby County
Sharon Brown, Shelby County
Paula Burrow, Shelby County
Farel Byrd, Shelby County
Chester Campbell, Shelby County
Edward W Carnes, Shelby County
Abney Carney, Shelby County
Donald Carpenter, Shelby County
William Carroll, Shelby County
Charles R Chandler, Shelby County
Amy Churchwell, Shelby County
Mary Ciochetty, Shelby County
Thomas Colanero, Shelby County
John T Coleman, Shelby County
Patsy Coleman, Shelby County
George R Conner, Shelby County
Edward Paul Cook, Shelby County
Paul Cope, Shelby County
Linda Cotten, Shelby County
Linda Courtney, Shelby County
Stephen Crawley, Shelby County
John Cromwell, Shelby County
Terry Crosby, Shelby County
Lisa Crum, Shelby County
Judy C Cummings, Shelby County
C. Jessie Cunningham, Shelby County
Robert Dawkins, Shelby County
J. Allen Day, Shelby County
Taylor Dean, Shelby County
Barbara Desreuisseau, Shelby County
East Shelby GOP Club President Geoff Diaz, Shelby County
James Dickey, Shelby County
Benjamin Donaldson, Shelby County
McLean Doughtie, Shelby County
Sharon Douglas, Shelby County
Tina Drewry, Shelby County
Michael L. Ducker, Shelby County
Peggy A Dufek, Shelby County
Joseph Durante, Shelby County
Bryan Keith Edwards, Shelby County
John Elkington, Shelby County
Ace Elliot, Shelby County
Julie Ellis, Shelby County
Michael Faber, Shelby County
Joyce Farnsworth, Shelby County
Megan Federico, Shelby County
Andrei Fendley, Shelby County
Glenn D Floyd, Shelby County
Kevin Floyd, Shelby County
Kirby Dobbs Floyd, Shelby County
Matt Forbush, Shelby County
Kristi R Francavilla, Shelby County
Steve Frase, Shelby County
Linda Fuller, Shelby County
William Gardner, Shelby County
Gary Giles, Shelby County
Kristy Gipson, Shelby County
Jerry Goin, Shelby County
Michael Gordon, Shelby County
Dan Green, Shelby County
John Grills, Shelby County
Albert Grobmyer, Shelby County
Jerry L Gwyn, Shelby County
Lisa Hansel, Shelby County
Laney Hansen, Shelby County
Larry Harmon, Shelby County
Robert Harris, Shelby County
Terri Harris, Shelby County
Greg Harrison, Shelby County
Nancy Hart, Shelby County
Sara Heckle, Shelby County
Stephen Helton, Shelby County
Melanie Hendrix, Shelby County
Terri Himelrick, Shelby County
Beverly Hodorowski, Shelby County
Mary Hoffa, Shelby County
Hank Hogue, Shelby County
Jerry Huff, Shelby County
Chris Hughes, Shelby County
Barbara Hvasta, Shelby County
John Hyneman, Shelby County
Alston Boyd Wade III, Shelby County
Frank B Smith III, Shelby County
Christina Inmon, Shelby County
Elaine Irvin Shelby County
John Janovich, Shelby County
Floyd O. Johnson, Shelby County
George Johnson, Shelby County
Jennie Johnson, Shelby County
Patricia “PJ” Jordan, Shelby County
John H Dobbs Jr, Shelby County
Robert B Shaw Jr., Shelby County
Spence Wilson Jr., Shelby County
Gordon R Kastner, Shelby County
Patti Kiefer, Shelby County
Augusts R Kiperts, Shelby County
Leonard T Lafferty, Shelby County
Michelle Lamm, Shelby County
Preston Lamm, Shelby County
Germantown School Board Member Betsy Landers, Shelby County
Daphne Large, Shelby County
Former Shelby County GOP Executive Director Peggy Larkin, Shelby County
Katie Lincoln, Shelby County
Rebecca J Long, Shelby County
Dr. Rushton Patterson Jr., M.D., Shelby County
Douglas Marchant, Shelby County
H Montgomery Martin, Shelby County
Tom McCain, Shelby County
Linda McCalla, Shelby County
Jeff McEvoy, Shelby County
Harry McKee, Shelby County
Phillip A. McNamara, Shelby County
Dow McVean, Shelby County
Deborah Michael, Shelby County
Helen Mister, Shelby County
Debra “Dee Dee” Mizell, Shelby County
Shirley A Moore, Shelby County
Glen Mullins, Shelby County
Ava Newhouse, Shelby County
Noah Newhouse, Shelby County
Savannah Newhouse, Shelby County
Mary Mollie Newman, Shelby County
Shelby County GOP Treasurer John Niven, Shelby County
Sharon Nooner, Shelby County
Don O’Nan, Shelby County
Eugene L Paccasassi, Shelby County
Cheryl Pardue, Shelby County
Becky Parsons, Shelby County
North East Shelby GOP Club President David Parsons, Shelby County
David Perdue, Shelby County
Liz Peters, Shelby County
Stewart “Tommy” Peters, Shelby County
Former County School Board Chairman David Pickler, Shelby County
Bartlett City Alderman Bubba Pleasant, Shelby County
Violet Pope, Shelby County
Roger Powell, Shelby County
Maurice R Prairie, Shelby County
Nancy Richie, Shelby County
Janice Ritchey, Shelby County
Kent Ritchey, Shelby County
Laurence Ritter, Shelby County
M. M. Robinson, Shelby County
Norman A Rodriguez, Shelby County
Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland, Shelby County
Perry Rothrock, Shelby County
John Rountree, Shelby County
Elaine Rownd, Shelby County
Steve Ruble, Shelby County
Jina Sanders, Shelby County
Tommy Sanderson, Shelby County
Michele Sauer, Shelby County
Phyllis C Schmidt, Shelby County
Bartlett Alderman and TNGOP State Executive Committeewoman Paula Sedgwick, Shelby County
James Shannon, Shelby County
William N. Shelby, Shelby County
Sarah Cathryn Sheppard, Shelby County
Danna Shirley, Shelby County
O’Farrell Shoemaker, Shelby County
Sherry Simmons, Shelby County
Bryan Smith, Shelby County
Harry L. Smith, Shelby County
Kendall Smith, Shelby County
Stefan Smith, Shelby County
Sheryl Starcher, Shelby County
Thomas Stephenson, Shelby County
David M Stern, Shelby County
Marie Stevens, Shelby County
Eola Summers, Shelby County
Caroline Suter, Shelby County
Col. Richard H Sweat, Shelby County
Donald Tate, Shelby County
Carra Taylor, Shelby County
J R Taylor, Shelby County
Glenda Thomas, Shelby County
Liese Anne Thomas, Shelby County
Sara G Thomas, Shelby County
Pat Kerr Tigrett, Shelby County
Brooke N Toarmina, Shelby County
Bob Turner, Shelby County
Jack Turner, Shelby County
Tamara Turner, Shelby County
Tripp Turner, Shelby County
Wendy Turner, Shelby County
Maria Varat, Shelby County
Cary Vaughn, Shelby County
Brigadier General John Vincent, Shelby County
Clifford Vincent, Shelby County
Phyllis Vincent, Shelby County
Andrea Vu, Shelby County
Clara S Waddell, Shelby County
Carole D Walter, Shelby County
Mary Watson, Shelby County
Sondra Webb, Shelby County
District Attorney General Amy Weirich, Shelby County
Thomas Wheeler, Shelby County
Ana Elizabeth Whitten, Shelby County
Sylvester Williams, Shelby County
Jean Wilson, Shelby County
Jo W Wilson, Shelby County
Bob Winstead, Shelby County
Kim Winstead, Shelby County
Arlington Mayor Mike Wissman, Shelby County
Wendy Wissman, Shelby County
Jewel Witt, Shelby County
Stella Woehst, Shelby County
Winston Wolfe, Shelby County
Dr. Wanda M Woodward, Shelby County
Matthew Wyan, Shelby County
Gay Young, Shelby County
Steve Young, Shelby County
Ken Younger, Shelby County
Kelly Schaefer, Shelby County
Brandon Cherry, Smith County
Ronnie Collins, Smith County
Carthage Mayor Donnie Dennis, Smith County
Steven G. Dowell, Smith County
David Dweck, Smith County
Paul A Engle, Smith County
Gordonsville Mayor James Gibbs, Smith County
Arnold Wayne Hodge, Smith County
Scott R. Penfield Jr., Smith County
David W. McDonald, Smith County
County Mayor Michael Nesbitt, Smith County
Floyd T Simpkins, Smith County
Wallace M. Williams, Smith County
Billy Woodard, Smith County
Stephen E Douglass, Stewart County
Ellen L Engebrecht, Stewart County
Michael Matthews, Stewart County
Steve Parlier, Stewart County
Sheriff Deryk Wyatt, Stewart County
Sheriff Wayne Anderson, Sullivan County
Rickie Belitz, Sullivan County
Donald W Bellamy, Sullivan County
Rebecca N Bounds, Sullivan County
Robert Bretz, Sullivan County
Cynthia Brown, Sullivan County
Stephen Brumit, Sullivan County
Alma R Carter, Sullivan County
Howard Cone, Sullivan County
Isaac Conkin, Sullivan County
Bill G Davis, Sullivan County
Charlotte Dison, Sullivan County
Brenda Foster, Sullivan County
Remy Galjour, Sullivan County
Sandra M Gonce, Sullivan County
John Harbaugh, Sullivan County
Sharon D Hatfield, Sullivan County
Robert Hathaway, Sullivan County
Wanda H Holliman, Sullivan County
Allan Hurley, Sullivan County
Veronica Hurley, Sullivan County
Sierra Johns, Sullivan County
Steve Johnson, Sullivan County
Lisa Jones, Sullivan County
Jerome M Allen Jr., Sullivan County
Arthur Kaufmann, Sullivan County
William Kemp, Sullivan County
Dwight King, Sullivan County
Don H Laferney, Sullivan County
Leland C Leonard, Sullivan County
Teresa Mahan Lesnak, Sullivan County
James Long, Sullivan County
Sherry Love, Sullivan County
Tom Maki, Sullivan County
Jack M May, Sullivan County
Linda Mays, Sullivan County
Robert Mazurkiewicz, Sullivan County
Michael J Miller, Sullivan County
Kenneth D Moore, Sullivan County
Taylor Moore, Sullivan County
Former County GOP Chair Keith Parker, Sullivan County
David Phipps, Sullivan County
Former Lt. Governor and Speaker of the Senate Ron Ramsey, Sullivan County
Sindy Ramsey, Sullivan County
Frank Read, Sullivan County
Janet Hatcher Rice, Sullivan County
State Representative Timothy Hill, Sullivan County
Daniel Rieder, Sullivan County
Mary Rogers, Sullivan County
Aaron Saddler, Sullivan County
Robert C Simpson, Sullivan County
District Attorney General Barry Staubus, Sullivan County
Allen Stirsman, Sullivan County
Julo C Theunissen, Sullivan County
Register of Deeds Sheena Tinsley, Sullivan County
Kay Vanover, Sullivan County
Zane Vanover, Sullivan County
Blaine Wade, Sullivan County
W E Weatherly, Sullivan County
Bob White, Sullivan County
Tommy Woods, Sullivan County
Bristol Mayor Jack Young, Sullivan County
Cindy Young, Sullivan County
Bradley B Adler, Sumner County
Anne Akers, Sumner County
Mike Akridge, Sumner County
Gerald W. Alvis, Sumner County
Anna Anderson, Sumner County
Teresa Anderson, Sumner County
Betty R Applegate, Sumner County
Katherine Dake Armstrong, Sumner County
Rex Arnold, Sumner County
Freddy D. Bailey, Sumner County
Jennifer D Baker, Sumner County
Dave Barbuto, Sumner County
Gary T. Barker, Sumner County
Andrew R. Barrett, Sumner County
Regina Bartlett, Sumner County
Mark Bastian, Sumner County
Michael Bates, Sumner County
Linda Baxter, Sumner County
William Stephen Beauchamp, Sumner County
Joe H. Beaver, Sumner County
Linda A. Becker, Sumner County
Jack Bell, Sumner County
Judi W. Bell, Sumner County
Kimberly Bell, Sumner County
Jerry W. Bennett, Sumner County
Tony Bentle, Sumner County
Noroma C. Benz, Sumner County
Michael Bernui, Sumner County
Tim Bewley, Sumner County
Connie K Bilbrey, Sumner County
Steve Black, Sumner County
Tracy Black, Sumner County
Shaina Blevins, Sumner County
Evelyn Bonds, Sumner County
Bryan Bondurant, Sumner County
John Boskind, Sumner County
Luther Bratton, Sumner County
Michael C. Brelsford, Sumner County
Barbara Brennan, Sumner County
Charles Brewton, Sumner County
Patricia J Brewton, Sumner County
Register of Deeds & GOP Vice-Chairman Cindy Briley, Sumner County
Nancy L. Brooke, Sumner County
Charles E Brown, Sumner County
Gallatin Mayor Paige Brown, Sumner County
Don C. Bruce, Sumner County
Joan W. Bruce, Sumner County
Thomas E. Bryan, Sumner County
Terry B. Bucy, Sumner County
James J. Butler, Sumner County
Kevin W. Butler, Sumner County
Jeffrey Cain, Sumner County
Deanna L Carruthers, Sumner County
Kacey Carstedt, Sumner County
Renee D Cass, Sumner County
Clint Cassetty, Sumner County
Charles Caudill, Sumner County
Kelly Caudill, Sumner County
Lt. General (Ret.) Dennis Cavin, Sumner County
Laurie A Chittenden, Sumner County
Barbara Clark, Sumner County
Hendersonville Mayor Jamie Clary, Sumner County
Kelly L. Coley, Sumner County
Rae Collier, Sumner County
Ralph Collier, Sumner County
Jeff Collins, Sumner County
Larry Collins, Sumner County
Randall M Collins, Sumner County
Shirley D. Cooper, Sumner County
Donna Jean Cornelius, Sumner County
Rhonda Crockett, Sumner County
Alan C. Cucullu, Sumner County
Fred D. Culbreath, Sumner County
June Cummings, Sumner County
Hendersonville Alderman Arlene Cunningham, Sumner County
Paul M Curd, Sumner County
Teresa Curd, Sumner County
Davis Daniel, Sumner County
William R. Deberry, Sumner County
Joe B Debord, Sumner County
Joan E Dixon, Sumner County
Steve Doremus, Sumner County
Carolyn Driver, Sumner County
Jack Driver, Sumner County
Randall J Durham, Sumner County
Ray S. Dwelle, Sumner County
Tessa Eades, Sumner County
Richard Emery, Sumner County
Bill Ennis, Sumner County
Barbara A. Evans, Sumner County
John Evans, Sumner County
Freda C. Faith, Sumner County
Andrew Finney, Sumner County
Dr. Kelli F. Fischer, Sumner County
R. Earl Fischer, Sumner County
Charlie Flatt, Sumner County
Deana M. Fletcher, Sumner County
James W Flockencier, Sumner County
Julia Floyd, Sumner County
William J. Fogle, Sumner County
Benjamin C Fordham, Sumner County
Wayne Forehand, Sumner County
Judy S. Forster, Sumner County
Frank V. Fox, Sumner County
Paul Frank, Sumner County
Johnnie Freedle, Sumner County
Karen M. Freels, Sumner County
Richard F. Frey, Sumner County
Marjorie Gabbard, Sumner County
Robert Gann, Sumner County
Johnny Garrett, Sumner County
Mike Gaughan, Sumner County
Thomas Gautsch, Sumner County
Katrina Gay, Sumner County
Larry Gilmore, Sumner County
Thomas E. Givens, Sumner County
Mary Neal Glass, Sumner County
Connie M. Godfrey, Sumner County
Betty Ann Goodall, Sumner County
Bob Goodall, Sumner County
Karen Goodall, Sumner County
Betty Jean Gragg, Sumner County
Daniel Gravas, Sumner County
Joseph F. Griffin, Sumner County
David R. Grun, Sumner County
Paul Grutter, Sumner County
Charlie Guerry, Sumner County
Greg Haag, Sumner County
Cheryl Hagy, Sumner County
Kay Haile, Sumner County
State Senator Ferrell Haile, Sumner County
Jean Hall, Sumner County
Mary R. Hall, Sumner County
Clayton Hannah, Sumner County
Patricia Hannigan, Sumner County
Tricia Hannigan, Sumner County
Preston Harlan, Sumner County
Neal T Harris, Sumner County
Jim Harrison, Sumner County
Madalin Haviland, Sumner County
Ted M Hayden, Sumner County
Gary Hayes, Sumner County
Myra Hayes, Sumner County
Rochelle E. Hayes, Sumner County
Tamela Hayes, Sumner County
Michael Hedge, Sumner County
Leslie R. Heinrich, Sumner County
James J Hill, Sumner County
Kelly Hively, Sumner County
Mickie Hodge, Sumner County
Donald Hodges, Sumner County
Joan Hodges, Sumner County
County Executive Anthony Holt, Sumner County
Brian S Homra, Sumner County
Treesa Hudson, Sumner County
Judge Louis W. Oliver III, Sumner County
Marc Inman, Sumner County
Alexander Allen Isaacson, Sumner County
Allison Lynn Isaacson, Sumner County
Christian Allen Isaacson, Sumner County
Kristine Isaacson, Sumner County
Michael Allen Isaacson, Sumner County
Richard Allen Isaacson, Sumner County
Harvey Martin IV, Sumner County
Stephanie B Ivey, Sumner County
Barry Jacobson, Sumner County
Susan B. Jacobson, Sumner County
Portland City Councilman Drew Jennings, Sumner County
Christopher E Jernigan, Sumner County
Robert M. Jewett, Sumner County
Former Sumner County Republican Women President Sharon Johnson, Sumner County
Donald W. Joiner, Sumner County
David Jones, Sumner County
Dixie Jones, Sumner County
Kevin Jones, Sumner County
Rita Jones, Sumner County
Dr. Conrad Shackleford Jr., Sumner County
Edward C Fletcher Jr., Sumner County
Hamilton Frost Jr., Sumner County
Terence M Kelly, Sumner County
Former Republican Women President JoAnn Kemp, Sumner County
William W. Kemp, Sumner County
Ronald Kidd, Sumner County
Phillip Kile, Sumner County
Marie Kimball, Sumner County
Lori A. Kissinger, Sumner County
Dawn Kleiser, Sumner County
Joel Knapp, Sumner County
Cyndi Knight, Sumner County
Mike Koeberlein, Sumner County
Bonnie Lacy, Sumner County
State Representative William Lamberth, Sumner County
Sharon Lancaster, Sumner County
Bob Lannom, Sumner County
Angel D. Laughter, Sumner County
Dr. J. Michael Law, Sumner County
Leo Josef Lebkuecher, Sumner County
Rip Lebkuecher, Sumner County
Sharon F. Lewis, Sumner County
Deron Lichte, Sumner County
Hubert Long, Sumner County
Vicki A. Louallen, Sumner County
Theresa Lowery, Sumner County
Clare Lynch, Sumner County
Ted J. Lyon, Sumner County
Nancy H. Manis, Sumner County
Frances Marcou, Sumner County
Judy A Markham, Sumner County
Roxanne Martindale, Sumner County
Will Matsunaga, Sumner County
Arthur M Mayernick, Sumner County
Joni Mayoras, Sumner County
Tim McAuley, Sumner County
Rita W. McBroom, Sumner County
Jarrett McCall, Sumner County
Dena M. McCarthy, Sumner County
Jim McDannald, Sumner County
Alan McFadden, Sumner County
Rand D. McFarlin, Sumner County
Archie McKinnis, Sumner County
Sidney McKinnis, Sumner County
Joy McReynolds, Sumner County
Charles Mengerink, Sumner County
Joe Menninger, Sumner County
Judith A Messer, Sumner County
Robin Davis Meyer, Sumner County
Rebecca H. Miles, Sumner County
Nancy Mitchell, Sumner County
William D. Mize, Sumner County
Lois Moellmann, Sumner County
Joey Montalbano, Sumner County
Dick Moore, Sumner County
Lori Moore, Sumner County
Walter Morgan, Sumner County
R. O. Nason, Sumner County
Donald B. Nelson, Sumner County
Karen Nelson, Sumner County
Steven Nelson, Sumner County
Melissa Nicholson, Sumner County
Justin G Nipper, Sumner County
J. B. Donoho Nursery, Sumner County
Larry Odom, Sumner County
Pamela J Ogden, Sumner County
David Osborne, Sumner County
Julia E Park, Sumner County
June G. Parker, Sumner County
Christie L Parrish, Sumner County
Jonathan Peek, Sumner County
Brenda Peeples, Sumner County
Harold Peeples, Sumner County
Annie Lou Perkins, Sumner County
Steve Perkins, Sumner County
Teresa Perona, Sumner County
Sarena M. Pettit, Sumner County
Martha Phillips, Sumner County
Former County GOP Chairman Linda Pitt, Sumner County
Lou Ponce, Sumner County
Tricia Poore, Sumner County
Don L Porter, Sumner County
James R. Ramsey, Sumner County
Bentley Rawdon, Sumner County
Paulette Reecer, Sumner County
Dona L. Reynolds, Sumner County
Jane L. Reynolds, Sumner County
Matt Ricker, Sumner County
Sam Rickman, Sumner County
Baker Ring, Sumner County
Richard Ring, Sumner County
Eddie Roberson, Sumner County
Fred Rogers, Sumner County
Marshall A Ross, Sumner County
Richard Roth, Sumner County
Richard H. Rowlett, Sumner County
Lee S Rucks, Sumner County
Jennifer M. Russo, Sumner County
Michael Ryman, Sumner County
Caleb Schmittou, Sumner County
Brian Schnabel, Sumner County
Gary C. Schoefernacker, Sumner County
Judy Lee Schreiber, Sumner County
William L. Sconiers, Sumner County
Dewayne Scott, Sumner County
Frederick W. See, Sumner County
Karen M. See, Sumner County
Cheryl P. Sesler, Sumner County
William Sessler, Sumner County
Kathy Shaclkeford, Sumner County
Nathan Shadowens, Sumner County
Rick Shedden, Sumner County
Margaret Short, Sumner County
Carol Siebert, Sumner County
Vanessa Silkwood, Sumner County
Janet Sill, Sumner County
James A Simmons, Sumner County
William Slater, Sumner County
Russell Slay, Sumner County
Barbara J. Smith, Sumner County
Kent Smith, Sumner County
Nancy G. Smith, Sumner County
Pamela C. Smith, Sumner County
Tim Smith, Sumner County
Gary F Spehar, Sumner County
James J. Galvin Sr., Sumner County
Joe Whitaker Sr., Sumner County
Kathleen Stenberg, Sumner County
Donna Stepp, Sumner County
Maria C. Stewart, Sumner County
Cathy A. Stone, Sumner County
Betty Storment, Sumner County
Jason Strickland, Sumner County
Cory Sullins, Sumner County
Melissa A Sullins, Sumner County
Karen J. Summers, Sumner County
Janet Svedin, Sumner County
Dr. Eddie Swan, Sumner County
Noah Sykes, Sumner County
E. Stephens Tankersley, Sumner County
Bill Taylor, Sumner County
Carolyn Carter Templeton, Sumner County
Larry Templeton, Sumner County
Nicholas C. Thompson, Sumner County
Luke Tinsley, Sumner County
Grace A. Tomkins, Sumner County
Linda W. Tompkins, Sumner County
James P. Totten, Sumner County
Josephine B. Totten, Sumner County
George Tronsrue, Sumner County
Barbara Troutt, Sumner County
James W Tucker, Sumner County
Doug Turner, Sumner County
Kenneth L. Verble, Sumner County
Dorothy M Vinson, Sumner County
Charles Wade, Sumner County
Dennis W Walker, Sumner County
Elizabeth B. Walker, Sumner County
Joanne Walker, Sumner County
Michael J. Walker, Sumner County
Gwen Warren, Sumner County
Joi Wasill, Sumner County
David J. Weakley, Sumner County
Sheriff Sonny Weatherford, Sumner County
Charles Weaver, Sumner County
Dinah Wells, Sumner County
Bobbie L Welty, Sumner County
Gary L West, Sumner County
District Attorney General Ray Whitley, Sumner County
Tommy Whittaker, Sumner County
David Wilkerson, Sumner County
John C. Wilkinson, Sumner County
Ben Williams, Sumner County
Cindy L Williams, Sumner County
James M. Williams, Sumner County
Janice G. Williams, Sumner County
Petti A Williams, Sumner County
Phyllis H Williams, Sumner County
Betty A. Willis, Sumner County
Robert Willis, Sumner County
Wendy Wills, Sumner County
Chris Wilson, Sumner County
Louis A. Winterfield, Sumner County
Larry Wise, Sumner County
Mary A. Womeldorf, Sumner County
Jennifer Wood, Sumner County
Hendersonville Alderman Darrell Woodcock, Sumner County
Lance Wray, Sumner County
Jane Wright, Sumner County
Marshall Wright, Sumner County
Daniel Wunder, Sumner County
Eddie Wyatt, Sumner County
Wynona Wyatt, Sumner County
Ruth Yates, Sumner County
Brigadier General Howard Yellen, Sumner County
Gene A. Young, Sumner County
L Michael Zinser, Sumner County
Tammy Weatherford, Sumner County
Dennis Bertrand, Tipton County
Munford Mayor Dwayne Cole, Tipton County
Sheila Cole, Tipton County
Jim Craig, Tipton County
Phillip Daniel, Tipton County
Diane Fletcher, Tipton County
County Clerk Mary Gaither, Tipton County
Warren Gladney, Tipton County
William Harris, Tipton County
Richard Kelley, Tipton County
TNGOP State Executive Committee Member Charlotte Kelley, Tipton County
Linda Lapusnak, Tipton County
Lee Marshall, Tipton County
Robert A Romero, Tipton County
Jim Rone, Tipton County
Theta Rone, Tipton County
Barbara J Rose, Tipton County
Marilza La Rose, Tipton County
Paul Rose, Tipton County
Morris Snell, Tipton County
Charles Wayne Turnage, Tipton County
Jimmy Vandergrift, Tipton County
Bill Wallace, Tipton County
County GOP Vice-Chairman Cathy Waterbury, Tipton County
William Wirges, Tipton County
Ramona Bagwell, Trousdale County
Thomas Davis, Trousdale County
Howard E. Haley, Trousdale County
Dwight Jewell, Trousdale County
Lewis Beasley Jr., Trousdale County
Tom P. Thompson Jr., Trousdale County
June H Linville, Trousdale County
John Parker, Trousdale County
Harlan Clark, Unicoi County
Jack Gardner, Unicoi County
Suzy H Hughes, Unicoi County
Carl Jones, Unicoi County
Renea Jones, Unicoi County
Jeff Brantley, Union County
Richard Croisdale, Union County
Darryl Edmondson, Union County
Sandra Edmondson, Union County
District Attorney General Jared Effler, Union County
Aaron Prince, Union County
Kyle Richardson, Union County
Monte Grissom, Van Buren County
Hubert Thompson, Van Buren County
Jessica Allen, Warren County
Wallace B Bigbee, Warren County
Robert Castle, Warren County
Veronica David, Warren County
Betty Eckard, Warren County
Johnnie Hines, Warren County
Chitra Mukerji, Warren County
Gerda Schweizer, Warren County
David Smith, Warren County
Jeffery P Smith, Warren County
David Young, Warren County
T.R. Barnes, Washington County
Alexander Borla, Washington County
Robert O Cook, Washington County
Andrew Cunnyngham, Washington County
Richard Davis, Washington County
Sarah E Dickens, Washington County
Connie Graybeal, Washington County
Sheriff Ed Graybeal, Washington County
Former County GOP Chairman Michael Hartman, Washington County
Robert Heinz, Washington County
State Representative Matthew Hill, Washington County
Georgia E Hite, Washington County
David Hodge, Washington County
Clarinda P Jeanes, Washington County
Dr. Cham Johnston, Washington County
Claude M. Duncan, Jr., Washington County
Tina Kesterson, Washington County
James MacCallum, Washington County
Ann E. Manning, Washington County
Maxine Phillipi, Washington County
Dan Pohlgeers, Washington County
Joan Pohlgeers, Washington County
Nick Pohlgeers, Washington County
Tonita B Potter, Washington County
Gene Scott, Washington County
Jimmy Tester, Washington County
Paul Trogen, Washington County
State Representative Micah Van Huss, Washington County
R. E. Whittemore, Washington County
George B Winton, Washington County
Samuel Alford, Washington County
Allison Gantte, Washington County
Barry Bridges, Wayne County
Samuel G Butler, Wayne County
Barry Montgomery, Wayne County
Jason Rich, Wayne County
Myra Staggs, Wayne County
Austin Avallone, Weakley County
Christopher Avallone, Weakley County
Cace Cook, Weakley County
Jimmy Dilday, Weakley County
Joe Exum, Weakley County
Joseph R Exum, Weakley County
Jake Henry, Weakley County
Jimmie Pickler, Weakley County
William R Roberts, Weakley County
Emily H. Shore, Weakley County
County Commissioner Roger VanCleave, Weakley County
Faye Wilson, Weakley County
Shirley Acuff, White County
Pauline Ann Arnold, White County
Kenneth Broyles, White County
Marie Hickey, White County
Chad Jenkins, White County
Sylvia Johnson, White County
Bruce Langfitt, White County
Bobby Mcculley, White County
Carol Morse, White County
Richard Scherer, White County
Michael Urbanik, White County
Faison Whitaker, White County
James T. Winton, White County
Sparta Mayor Jeff Young, White County
Russell Adkins, Williamson County
Liz Alexander, Williamson County
Jane Alger, Williamson County
William F Andrews, Williamson County
Richard Baker, Williamson County
Debbie Ballard, Williamson County
Michael Ballard, Williamson County
Brent Bashan, Williamson County
Skeeter R Beaulieu, Williamson County
Judith A Bishop, Williamson County
Anthony Bolton, Williamson County
Michael Bonner, Williamson County
Denise Boothby, Williamson County
Mel Brock, Williamson County
Dan Brodbeck, Williamson County
Richard Brodeur, Williamson County
Benny Brown, Williamson County
Mary Kate Brown, Williamson County
Ike Brumfield, Williamson County
Former TNGOP Chairman Jim Burnett, Williamson County
Thomas R Bussell, Williamson County
Barney Byrd, Williamson County
Elena Byrd, Williamson County
Former Congressman Jon Christensen, Williamson County
Richard Clark, Williamson County
Lisa Coffman, Williamson County
Charles Coleman, Williamson County
Mary J Davenport, Williamson County
James Deal, Williamson County
Mark Dipasquale, Williamson County
Randall Doerter, Williamson County
Gary Dowdy, Williamson County
David Duckworth, Williamson County
Lucy Betsy Dunbar, Williamson County
David Dunham, Williamson County
Pam Elliott, Williamson County
Jane Englebright, Williamson County
James Fitzgerald, Williamson County
Jeff Ford, Williamson County
Kevin Forster, Williamson County
Marcia Franks, Williamson County
J. Michael Frazier, Williamson County
Ron Gambill, Williamson County
David M Garfinkle, Williamson County
Jim Gilliam, Williamson County
Former United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Williamson County
John R Greene, Williamson County
Kathleen Haggard, Williamson County
John Hamm, Williamson County
Ken Harmon, Williamson County
Harriet Harms, Williamson County
Leann Havens, Williamson County
Susan Head, Williamson County
Suzanne Heer, Williamson County
Damon T. Hininger, Williamson County
Catherine Hudgins, Williamson County
Gordon Inman, Williamson County
Deborah H. Jacobs, Williamson County
Joey A. Jacobs, Williamson County
Robert Jacobs, Williamson County
Anthony D James, Williamson County
Traci James, Williamson County
Roxanne Jividen, Williamson County
Reba Joyce Johnson, Williamson County
Willis Johnson, Williamson County
Jeff Jowdy, Williamson County
Brownlee O. Currey, Jr., Williamson County
Donald P. Grant Jr., Williamson County
John Bailey Jr., Williamson County
Peter Morris Jr., Williamson County
William W Gwinn Jr., Williamson County
Marvin Kaiser, Williamson County
Joseph D Kitchell, Williamson County
Robert Lafever, Williamson County
David Lenahan, Williamson County
Samuel E Lynch, Williamson County
Valorie Ruth Martin, Williamson County
Lucibeth Mayberry, Williamson County
Kelly H McBrayer, Williamson County
Brett McCreary, Williamson County
Steven J Meisner, Williamson County
Christina Michaels, Williamson County
John Mick, Williamson County
Karen Miller, Williamson County
John Monaco, Williamson County
Jeffrey W Mongonia, Williamson County
Mary Ann Morris, Williamson County
Robert Motsenbocker, Williamson County
Gwendolyn Mullican, Williamson County
Bob D Nash, Williamson County
Andrew Naylor, Williamson County
Betti B. O’Neill, Williamson County
George Petzelt, Williamson County
Maura Procopio, Williamson County
Darrel Reifschneider, Williamson County
Trump for President Campaign Chairman Susan Reny, Williamson County
Geoffrey Rommel, Williamson County
Dan Ryan, Williamson County
Gena Ryan, Williamson County
Alfred Sansone, Williamson County
James E. Scoutten, Williamson County
Jordan Sekulow, Williamson County
Peter Simonson, Williamson County
Tim Sinks, Williamson County
Lt. Colonel (Ret.) Tim S. Slemp, Williamson County
Mary Smith, Williamson County
Samuel A. Smith, Williamson County
Peggy Snow, Williamson County
Katy Spalding, Williamson County
Daniel J Spann, Williamson County
Gerald Stump, Williamson County
Brigadier General Tom Swain, Williamson County
Jesse Tate, Williamson County
Sarunh Thach, Williamson County
Gloria Thomas, Williamson County
Dr. Rolando Toyos, Williamson County
Corina K. Tracy, Williamson County
Charles C Trawick, Williamson County
Seab A Tuck, Williamson County
John Turner, Williamson County
William Brent Turner, Williamson County
Dennis F Wade, Williamson County
Otey Walker, Williamson County
Janice Weatherman, Williamson County
Rebecca Weaver, Williamson County
Thomas J Wilson, Williamson County
Christopher F Wyatt, Williamson County
Ezra Uzi Yemin, Williamson County
Ian Jennings, Williamson County
Jacob Murray, Williamson County
Joseph Agee, Wilson County
Richard De Ago, Wilson County
Former Sheriff Terry Ashe, Wilson County
Judy Ashe, Wilson County
Gail Carol Baldowski, Wilson County
Jack Bell, Wilson County
John Black, Wilson County
Charlie Brooks, Wilson County
Gordon Carroll, Wilson County
Lebanon Alderman Rob Cesternino, Wilson County
Don Chambers, Wilson County
Jimmy Comer, Wilson County
Joslyn W. Conrad, Wilson County
Miles Cotham, Wilson County
Arlene Cunningham, Wilson County
Ruby Decoursey, Wilson County
Elaine Delke, Wilson County
Jonathan Greg Dugdale, Wilson County
James Early, Wilson County
Geneva Eaton, Wilson County
J. Lain N. Eskew, Wilson County
Glenn Farmer, Wilson County
Former County GOP Chairman Kevin Foushee, Wilson County
Georgia Franklin, Wilson County
Clayton Fryer, Wilson County
Ken J Gaines, Wilson County
Stephen Gateley, Wilson County
Sarah Gottschamer, Wilson County
Mary Jane Hagar, Wilson County
Amy Hamilton, Wilson County
Peter Heimbach, Wilson County
William Hunter, Wilson County
J Brent Hurd, Wilson County
Gareld Kazee II, Wilson County
Joseph C. Walters III, Wilson County
Marilyn Johnson, Wilson County
Sue Johnson, Wilson County
Terri Jones, Wilson County
Brian K. Abston Jr, Wilson County
Thomas T. Ferraro Jr, Wilson County
Walter Wolentarski Jr., Wilson County
Kathleen Kennedy, Wilson County
Kimberly Kermeen, Wilson County
William Kudrez, Wilson County
Debbie Lamberson, Wilson County
Karen Lasher, Wilson County
Patrick Leddy, Wilson County
Kevin M Mack, Wilson County
Dolores Mackey, Wilson County
Jeffery T Mathis, Wilson County
Renee W. Mathis, Wilson County
Dale Mcculloch, Wilson County
Kellie C. Mires, Wilson County
Kathy D. Montgomery, Wilson County
Carlyn Mozingo, Wilson County
Brenda J Mustoe, Wilson County
Shirley Y. Nelson, Wilson County
W.L. Nixon, Wilson County
Norma Otto, Wilson County
W Travis Parham, Wilson County
James D. Peyton, Wilson County
County School Board Member Gwynne Queener, Wilson County
Henry Queener, Wilson County
Thomas Roe, Wilson County
Adib Roumie, Wilson County
Richard Sabaski, Wilson County
James W Scabareti, Wilson County
Peter A. Schulert, Wilson County
Susan C Schulert, Wilson County
Morgan Scott, Wilson County
Jack Swain, Wilson County
District Attorney General Tommy Thompson, Wilson County
Julie Tucker, Wilson County
Jeffrey W. Vallett, Wilson County
Sue Vanatta, Wilson County
Scott Whitely, Wilson County