Diane’s Approach

Diane fights for what’s right, and she won’t back down. From her record as a steadfast defender of life to her staunch fiscal conservatism, Diane has earned her reputation as a leader who stands for her values. It takes a strong will to lead our state toward a better future, and that’s just who Diane is.

Defend Life and Support Adoption

The rights of the unborn must always be protected. Our laws should continue to follow scientific advances which make premature babies viable at a younger age. Tennessee should be the national leader in preventing abortion.

Tennesseans should also be able to better take care of our own without government red tape getting in the way. The opioid epidemic is tearing families apart. We’ve got to make it easier for family members to get custody of children in dangerous situations. I’ll push legislation that fast-tracks the adoption process for family members.

Leave No Town Behind

Tennessee’s economy is better than ever, but too many Tennesseans don’t have access to the job prospects available in our growth areas.

We’ve spent millions recruiting businesses to move here. However, in recent years, homegrown businesses have been taken for granted. I’m going to focus like never before on homegrown Tennessee businesses left out of the incentives offered to out of state businesses. I’ll make it easier for Tennessee businesses to operate and expand into rural counties.

I will make TCATs more accessible to rural communities, and I’ll recruit businesses with this offer – if you create or expand jobs in rural areas, we’ll partner with you to teach the skills you need in the local high school, creating a pipeline of employees for years to come.

I will prioritize the infrastructure needs of rural communities - but I know it’s not a one-size-fits-all problem.

Where the need is broadband, I will support solutions that allow broadband to be installed as soon as possible. It is as important to this generation as rural electrification was to the Greatest Generation. Where the need is roads, bridges, sewer/water projects or planning assistance, I will expedite those projects Day One.

Protect the 2nd Amendment

In response to mass shootings, liberals have called for banning and confiscating all guns. We must recognize mental health issues are the cause of mass gun violence, not the guns themselves.

I am a lifetime member of the NRA and have an A+ rating. I will continue to fight to preserve our fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

Reduce Cost and Improve Access to Healthcare

Our rural counties don’t have enough doctors. Let’s institute Fast-Track MD programs at our medical schools. MTSU and Meharry are starting a 3+3 program for students to get a bachelor’s and medical degree in 6 years. If you begin your career in a rural county, we’ll help you with tuition.

County health departments provided primary care to the Medicaid population prior to enactment of TennCare. TennCare decimated this system. It’s time to bring it back.

Restore respect for law and order

We must return to a law and order society. Tennessee will not tolerate sanctuary cities, and with help from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, we will not tolerate criminal illegal immigrants either.

Instead of telling law enforcement the plans I have for them, I've asked them what they need. I've heard the same things again and again from district attorneys, sheriffs and police chiefs: institute truth in sentencing for felony convictions and establish a clear minimum period of incarceration.

I believe wholeheartedly in our constitutional right to freedom of assembly. But too many times, the word “protest” is used to protect lawbreaking. I will increase penalties and encourage prosecution of those who block streets, destroy monuments or engage in violent acts in the name of “protest.”

Tennessee is facing its biggest drug crisis in history. The opioid epidemic is leaving a path of destruction in communities all across our state. I want to increase punishment for drug dealers - whether on the street or in a pill mill. I also support more avenues to treatment, so we can begin healing addicts from the inside out. We must use common sense in our efforts and recognize that the answer to drug addiction is not more drugs.

Stop Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is an evil that must be stopped. I will lead the charge to shut down motel and massage parlors operating as dens of human trafficking.

We’ve got to train employees who work in industries that see the victims of this modern day slavery. We’ll set up programs to train emergency room personnel, hospitality industry employees and commercial drivers license holders to recognize human trafficking when they see it.

Tennessee Must Stand for What Is Right


Tennesseans are compassionate people. But our welfare policy should be designed around getting people back to work and eliminating fraud, waste and abuse. When it comes to welfare, I will make sure that only those who truly need welfare receive it and speed up the off-ramp for those who do not.


Our next Governor must stand tall to defend our culture. Tennesseans deserve a leader that knows right is right, wrong is wrong, truth is truth, God is God, a life is a life, and who won't back down.

We’re in a battle to save our culture and values. As we are challenged, we need a decisive governor, unafraid to take a stand for the good, honest Tennessee values that make our communities great.

Workforce Training

A good education should prepare a student for a career, and that education doesn't have to come from a four-year university. Students who graduate from Career and Technical Education programs are earning more than students graduating from four-year universities.

Tennessee students can succeed without a traditional four-year college degree, and it's important we make them aware of that opportunity as early as possible. We should incorporate aptitude testing in the middle school years to help children think about career paths and give them the option to get a license to practice a trade. That way, they can begin their career on the day they graduate from high school.

Tuition increases at Tennessee universities are among the highest in the nation. It’s time for a tuition freeze to make sure rising tuition costs don’t devalue the Hope Scholarship and put college out of reach for poor and middle-class Tennesseans.

In-state tuition is a privilege for Tennessee citizens who are here legally. I will make sure in-state tuition is reserved for Tennessee citizens here legally.